Seattle Seahawks: Improvement is coming


The Seattle Seahawks have an uninspiring record of two wins and three losses. Fan are beginning to panic, though all signs point to drastic improvement being on the way. 

Greg Cosell, Senior producer at NFL Films offered some thoughts on the Seahawks’ offense during an interview with Paul Kuharsky on 104.5 The Zone:

"“They have the most remedial pass game in the NFL. From the standpoint of what they do conceptually, it’s remedial, it’s elementary. We marvel at it when we sit here and watch it in our Matchup group, how simple it is and unsophisticated it is. I don’t know where they go with that. …At some point, their offense needs to be more than it is.”"

Greg Cosell is one of the most respected analysts the NFL has. Along with Ron Jaworski he is a film room genius. When he breaks down an offense all NFL people, fans and coaches listen. Will Darrell Bevell acknowledge such, it’s doubtful. Trust me 12s, he heard it or read it or a coach left a copy on his desk. The other reason he knows it exists is because it’s 100% true.

Remember that guy 12s went crazy to get in 2013 named Percy Harvin? Remember how Harvin’s frustrations boiled over at the lack of play calls for him and the type of calls? Although it’s true Harvin is deeply in love with Harvin, Seattle handled his talents poorly. By the 2014 season Harvin became a Jet and we almost lost Marshawn Lynch to a complete meltdown.

Remember the 2015 offseason when the 12’s minds blew over the fact John Schneider brought in Jimmy Graham? Not much was said about Max Unger, the great offensive lineman who protected Russell Wilson while getting him the ball to his chest on a shotgun snap.

Not much was made about how the league’s weakest O-line just got weaker. Then weaker still as we lost tight end blocking. Jimmy cannot block folks. It should be mentioned and Seattle should be excited now that we have a top 5 tight end. We could’ve brought in Mike Dikta, 12s, it just doesn’t matter if the team (Bevell) can’t find a way to use him.

Look, it doesn’t matter how great the player is if the team can’t use his talents for the betterment of the Seahawks. Greg Cosell’s comments echoed during the entire fourth quarter of Sunday’s Hawk’s collapse. “Remedial and elementary”, as well as, “At some point, their offense needs to be more than it is.”

It is true the Seattle D gave up 200 yards in the 4th quarter. Tired defenses tend to do that. As long as coach Carroll allows Bevell to run this sinking offensive ship, nothing will change. Russell is on pace to be sacked 70 times……if he makes it that long. I’m sure Tavaris Jackson is praying the hardest that Russell stays healthy.

The good news is we’re only 5-weeks in. Last year Seattle was 3 and 3, looking pretty frustrated. A win against an undefeated Panther club makes us 3 and 3. Can this team repeat last year’s 2nd half dominance?

Yes. Hold firm to your 12 flag. A new season starts Sunday.


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