Seahawks vs Cowboys; 3 things we need to see

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We don’t need to discuss how damaging it would be if the Seattle Seahawks lose to the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow, right?

OK, we might NEED to, but I don’t WANT to…. alright?

So let’s just focus on the positive. Specifically, the three things we need to see from the Seahawks tomorrow when they take on “America’s Team” (gag).


The young, inexperienced, embattled offensive line has improved by leaps and bounds as a run-blocking unit (they are 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards per game, mere inches behind #1 Carolina) and there has also been incremental progress in pass protection. **”Incremental progress” is defined here as more decent plays sandwiched between the horrible ones** But news that Russell Okung might have to miss the game due to a sprained ankle suffered this week in practice is cause for concern. **”Concern” is defined here as sheer and utter panic**   

Keith detailed the trickle-down effect that an Okung injury could have on the entire line, but all that matters is…… ALVIN BAILEY!  The thought of Bailey trying to fend off the likes of Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory and the rest of the Dallas defensive front is cringe-worthy at best. It won’t be enough to run the ball well against the Cowboys. The Seahawks O-line, Okung or no Okung, is going to have to give Russell Wilson a chance to make some plays in the passing game to give Seattle a chance.

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