The best play from the Seahawks and Cowboys game


The best play from the Seahawks and Cowboys game last week was maybe my favorite play I’ve ever seen.  This play comes at the very end of the game, the Seahawks had just scored the go-ahead field goal and the Cowboys were desperately trying to get something going with just over a minute remaining in the game.  The Cowboys knew that all they needed was one point to get within field goal range and win the game.

The final possession began with the kicker Steven Haushka kicking off out of the back of the end zone to force a touch back.  On the next play Cassell tries to go deep only to find an incomplete pass, until the referees call Michael Bennett for roughing the passer, a 15 yard penalty that gives the Cowboys hope at the 35 yard line.

With only 59 seconds remaining Cassel lines up in the shotgun with McFadden lined up to the right along with two wide receivers including Dez Bryant.  Cassel snaps the ball, initially looking to throw the ball right then begins to look to his left.  As he begins to throw the ball to his left Cliff Avril knocks the ball free, Cassel continues to shot put the ball to the left side where Jordan Hill picks up the ball and begins to jog, no more like saunter towards the end zone.

I’m guessing he was hearing the coach in the back of his head, go ahead and run it in for a TD, you never know what will happen.  Amazingly as Hill is moving towards the end zone to put the Seahawks up by 7 and most likely 8 with the extra point, none of the Cowboys are in pursuit.  Hill finally finishes he leisurely saunter into the end zone and the play is officially scored a touchdown.

Nov 1, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Jordan Hill (97) during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now let’s look at the relay 100 times as the NFL looks at the tape to figure out what happened Troy Aikman tells the viewing audience that “the ball moves but it is clearly a pass.”

I have looked at the replay many times and have come to my own biased opinion (hey if Aikman can do it so can I).  Cassel’s arm was hit prior to the ball coming forward, this caused the ball to dislodge from the palm of his hand.

Cassel then heaves the ball which is precariously pinched between three fingertips which then lands 10 yards down field and is recovered by the Seahawks.  Now, is that a fumble, heck I really don’t know but it is interesting that none of the refs on the field blew their whistle for an incomplete pass.

If it was truly as clear as Aikman thought it was it seems to me that it would simply have been called correctly the first time.  This is only one example but it proves my second point that Aikman should never be allowed to call a Cowboys game since he clearly has a conflict of interest and cannot set that aside.  Perhaps his bias was not against the Seahawks as this petition states but rather for the Cowboys.

At any rate the play was reversed and the Cowboys got about 50 seconds of football life back.  But the great part about this play, why it is not only the best play from the Seahawks and Cowboys game but also my favorite is the lack of pursuit by the Cowboys and even the lack of hustle by Jordan Hill.  This is truly a fun play to watch and even though it didn’t make any of the highlight reels that I could find it deserves acknowledgement as the best play of the Seahawks and Cowboys game.