Seattle VS Arizona: Full Recap

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Defense was not nearly as crisp as it was on the first quarter. Huge plays were given up multiple times and the recipient of them were Michael Floyd. On top of that, Larry gashed us multiple times. To make matters worse, it seemed like it didn’t matter what the distance was on third down, the Arizona Cardinals could convert it no matter what. That spells doom for us.

Pressure is looking rather lackadaisical, despite there being one sack give up by the Cardinals.

Run defense solid still!

Overall, Seattle is not doing enough to keep Palmer on his toes, he ripping us apart when we rush four and go into zone. Seattle needs to dial-up the pressure up the middle, if we plan to win this game


Offense was even worse this quarter for almost the entirety of it until Seattle started to implement the no-huddle offense then Seattle looked fantastic that eventually lead to TD scored by Will Tukuafu at the goal line. However, despite that positive, we looked atrocious for the majority of the quarter,

Wilson was again under pressure often, that ultimately lead to safety early in the 2nd. It also appears that 3rd down and whatever is like a terminal illness for us. No matter what we do, we’re dead. It seems that no one can get open at all, though that is unfair to say, as P. Rich made an important play near the end for a big gain.

However, in my opinion that throw was slightly underthrown for P. Rich and the placement was obviously not the greatest, but I digress, as it in resulted in a big play and lead to ensuing score that was aforementioned.

Penalties still killed us, though.

Misc. Notes:

Two injuries to report

  • Paul Richardson is questionable with a hammy
  • Frank Clark was as well hurt, however nothing was reported safe to assume he is ok.

The NFL needs to find out what the bloody hell a catch is, because that was clearly a fumble on Darren Fells and SEATTLE RECOVERED THAT BALL.

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