Seattle VS Arizona: Full Recap

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Things got absolutely crazy, Seattle basically sack stripped palmer on back-to-back drives and eventually scoring on one of those sack-strips. At this point, the run defense is great. But of course, this isn’t a Seattle game without penalties coming up.

Ultimately, these penalties lead to prolonged drives for the Cards and that lead to scoring drive. Everything was looking great and then things started to looked all too familiar, yet another epic 4th quarter collapse was in the midst.

It all started with Cary Williams allowed catch, and from there, things took a tide for the worst as from the nail in the coffin was hammered in; Andre Ellington broke free for 40+ yard TD run. It’s almost ironic the thing we were best at defending ultimately failed us. In the end, this was yet another 4th quarter collapse, and this one likely costed our season.

The offense was trash the end…
Their last drive was almost symbolic our season; we start great and somehow find a way to ruin it in the end.

Misc. Notes:
Special Teams was fantastic tonight, covering returns extremely well, one of the few bright spots in this game.

The refs were definitely wearing red tonight, multiple no calls tonight. Especially the 4 delay of game calls not being called, just ridiculous.

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