Super Link: Tom Cable and Seattle’s offensive line


One of the pitfalls of covering the Seahawks on a part-time basis is that I’m often scooped by other sites. Sometimes though, it is better that way. Especially when the other writer is able to do much better with the topic than I would have.

Nathan Ernst, one of our friends from over on Field Gulls, put together an extremely well-researched look into the history of Tom Cable’s offensive lines in the NFL. It is a great read, and an important one.

Cable’s line has been terrible this season. He’s also had success in the past and has a reputation for being great. His history is more complicated than that though. Things are nearly as black-and-white in that regard as they seem.

"Tom Cable is a complicated case. On the surface, he’s had an incredible run of success coordinating rushing attacks. When you dig deeper, however, you can find reasons to be concerned about what he really brings to an offense. Is the 2015 season an example of those concerns proving to be valid, or is putting together the 9th best rushing attack by DVOA (and 15th overall offense) with the talent he’s been given a tribute to his abilities as an offensive line coach?"

Rather than rehashing the topic and producing a lesser quality contribution to the conversation, I’m just going to encourage you to click the link above and read Nathan’s piece. It is tremendous, and deserves the extra traffic.