Seahawks vs Cardinals: The best play Seattle’s tough loss


Let’s sit down and talk about the best play from the Seahawks and Cardinals game.  This was a game that went both ways and was highly entertaining to watch.  As I’m unfortunately getting used to the Seahawks blew their fifth fourth quarter lead this season.

That’s right five blown fourth quarter leads, five losses on the season we had a chance to win all of them… because that is supposed to make us feel better.  Today the best play from the Seahawks and Cardinals game comes in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals had the ball and the Seahawks were seemingly in control, they had found the ticket to forcing Carson Palmer to make bad decisions was through strategic pressure.  Once they were able to chase Palmer around he began to make hurried throws, bad decisions and didn’t focus on the little things…. like the football.

Palmer sets up on third down in the shotgun on the Cardinals 18.5 yard line ready to move down the field.  Palmer has two wide receivers lined up on the left, one wide receiver and tight end lined up on the right.

Palmer motions the receiver on the left closer to the line.  Palmer snaps the ball and gets chased down by an untouched Cliff Avril who sacked him from the right side meaning that Plamer could see him coming.

It seems like a normal play, except that it wasn’t a sack.  Palmer on his way down threw his arm down, with the football.  Palmer’s rubber hand then threw the football down onto his foot.  All the while Cliff Avril is celebrating a sack and was fist pumping in celebration.

The football, which had caromed off of Palmer’s foot, then went about 15 feet into the air.  Both teams at this point thought that Palmer had been sacked.  K. J. Wright in an astute play sees the football flying helplessly in the air and grabs it.

Nov 15, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright (50) recovers a fumble by Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. The Cardinals won 39-32. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

As Wright heads into the end zone Palmer somehow had the wherewithal to grab onto Wagner’s ankle and stop him.  Otherwise it would have been a touchdown.  As it is the Seahawks were setup with first and goal on the 3 yard line which immediately lead to THIS.

So there you have it, no pep talk no light at the end of the tunnel, but definitely the best play of the Seahawks and Cardinals game.