NFL TV Maps for Week 13


The NFL TV Maps for Week 13 show Seattle on Fox in the early time slot. 

If you’re looking for the Seattle Seahawks game, its on Fox in the early time slot. It isn’t on everywhere, so be sure to see the NFL TV Maps below to find out if it is on in your area.

Seattle plays on the road this week, and not on the west coast. That typically means a 10:am start time, and that is the case here.

The announcing crew for the Seahawks’ game this week is Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch. That could definitely been worse. I know there are some that don’t like Lynch as an analyst, but at least it isn’t Phil Simms, Chris Colinsworth or Troy Aikman on the broadcast.

The afternoon slate of games isn’t terrible for those people in the Seattle area. Denver-San Diego could be a blowout, but the Chargers could surprise as the league gets more tape on how to defense Brock Osweiler.

The other game on at that time is Carolina-New Orleans. The Saints are awful defensively, but they can score in bunches. Carolina is clearly the better team, but can they win a shootout if Drew Brees and company get going? It’ll be fun to find out.

CBS (One Game)

Fox Early

Fox Late

As I do every week, I need to give a huge thanks to the good people at 506 Sports. They are the ones that do all the hard work putting these awesome maps together. Be sure to take a look at their site whenever you need to find out what channel a game in on, no matter what sport.