Seahawks offensive coordinator is staying put, for now


The Seattle Seahawks Darrell Bevell won’t be allowed to seek BYU head coaching job.

If Pete Carroll was vague about Darrell Bevell’s candidacy for the head coaching job at BYU on Tuesday (claiming he didn’t even know it was open) he was crystal clear about his offensive coordinator’s status today.

He won’t be going anywhere, at least not yet.

“We’ve got a long season going on and they’ve got to go do their job and get ahead and get their decisions made, so Tommy’s going to keep working at it,” Carroll said, referring to BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe. “Darrell would be an awesome choice for them, but he’s not available. He’s going to run with us and do what we’re doing. They’ve got recruiting and all kinds of stuff, so just the timing isn’t going to fit for them.”

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We don’t know if there’s any specific language in Bevell’s contract that would prevent him from taking the job if he wanted it, but when reports surfaced yesterday that he was a candidate it seemed like a perfect match. Bevell is an active member of the LDS church and has daughters in school in Utah. But whether he was contractually bound to stay in Seattle or not, Bevell didn’t sound like a guy anxious to jump ship just yet.

“I want to be here and I’m focused on what we’re doing and the Baltimore Ravens is the next game on tap,” he said. “I know if I do my job at a high level then those things will come, so that’s what I focus on the most. Some time that opportunity is going to come and I’ll be able to get a chance to do it.”

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Prior to the Seahawks bye week, many fans were wishing and hoping Bevell would take another job, or be fired. The teams offensive struggles are well documented and contributed to their lackluster 2-4 start. But the Hawks have won five out of six, largely on the back of a resurgent offense, averaging 34.5 points over the last four games.

Indeed, the Seahawks offense is riding high. If anyone was nervous about Bevell leaving in the midst of such a run (and we outlined 7 possible candidates to get the job if he were gone), Carroll’s comments today should put that to rest.