Seahawks vs Ravens: By the numbers


The Seattle Seahawks have a definite advantage statistically, but Baltimore’s defense is still quite legit. 

The Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens are two teams that are trending in opposite directions. The Seahawks are the hottest team in the NFL, while the Ravens are just hoping to have enough healthy players to fill a roster.

Looking at the numbers, Seattle got a nice bump on both side of the ball after last week’s dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings. Offensively, they are now No. 2 in the NFL for both the run and the pass on a per-play basis.

As you might expect just by looking at all the names on their injured reserve list, the Ravens at not a good offensive team. They don’t do anything particularly well. They do have a lot of passing yards, but that has more to do with their number of attempts that being good through the air.

Defensively, things are a different story. Despite being on the field a lot because of their terrible offense, Baltimore’s defense has some fairly impressive numbers.

They’re in the top 10 in the league in both yards per run and yards to pass. The one area where the Ravens have struggling defensively has been forcing turnovers.

Overall, this game will come down to Seattle executing and just doing what they do best. If the Seahawks’ defense comes to play, this could very easily be another shutout for Seattle.

Offensive Ranks

8thTotals Yards17th
21s1Passing Yards10st
2ndYard per pass29th
1stRushing yards21st
2ndYards per rush20th
9th3rd down rate27th

Defensive Ranks

2ndTotals Yards13th
4thPassing Yards17th
16thYard per pass9th
3rdRushing yards10th
4thYards per rush7th
3rd3rd down rate21st

*All stats taken from ESPN.