Seahawks vs Browns fantasy spotlight


The offense for the Seattle Seahawks has been firing on all cylinders, but will recent injuries change how you should look at them for your fantasy playoffs?

The Seattle Seahawks face off against the Cleveland Browns in Seattle Week 15 of the NFL season. With the fantasy playoffs starting for most fantasy leagues, there are key players in this matchup that could be the difference between a chance at your league Championship and losing.

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Seattle Seahawks

QB Russell Wilson: Russell Wilson has been on absolute fire the last four weeks, putting up his third straight 30+ fantasy points performance in a row. The Cleveland Browns are a struggling team and there is no reason to believe Russell Wilson won’t put up atleast 25 points. With the playoffs starting in most fantasy football leagues, Russell Wilson can be a huge boost that makes the difference between making it to your Championship game or not.

WR Doug Baldwin: Much like Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin has also been on a hot streak the past three weeks. Wilson and Baldwin have been a huge part of the Seahawks offensive explosion the past month. The Seahawks are often considered a team where you don’t want to play their WR’s in fantasy, but if you have Baldwin, you should definitely start him.

The last three weeks Baldwin has scored 32, 21, and 26 points in standard scoring formats. With Rawls going out for the year, look for the Seahawks to continue turning to Baldwin the rest of the season.

WR Tyler Lockett: Two Seahawks WR’s to talk about in fantasy football? It’s true. Lockett has been contributing to the Seahawks offensive explosion the past month as well. Not to the degree of Doug Baldwin, but he has been a healthy part of it as well. The past four weeks he has scored 17, 3, 9 and 22 points in standard scoring.

It can get questionable if Lockett doesn’t get a touchdown, but 9 points isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your FLEX player that could have 22 point upside like last week. If you have Tyler Lockett, I would find a way to put him in at your FLEX position.

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Cleveland Browns

QB Johnny Manziel: Johnny Manziel has high upside, but a very little floor especially playing the Seahawks in Seattle.  I wouldn’t even think about playing Manziel. I’d rather go for someone like Bortles who is on the waiver wire in a lot of leagues.

The Browns are a hurt team and Manziel is still trying to learn how to play QB in the NFL. That is not a healthy combination with the fantasy playoffs potentially on the line for you. There are chances he has a good game, but those chances are too low to rely on.

RB Isaiah Crowell: Crowell has had an up and down season, highlighted by his best performance of the year vs the 49ers with a 27 point performance. Unfortunately for Crowell though, the Seahawks are leagues ahead of the 49ers. The Seahawks run defense has been stout and close to impossible to gain yards against.

The Seahawks will stack the box and force Johnny Manziel to beat them. There are scenarios where Crowell could be your best option as a FLEX play just because he is a RB who will get the ball, but the Seahawks will look to shut the run game down and force Manziel to beat them. Play him if you must.

TE Gary Barnidge: Barnidge has been the brightest spot for the Browns in what has been a disappointing season for them. He came practically out of nowhere to everyone outside of Cleveland and he has become a reliable starting TE that you could turn to every week and the most reliable target for the Browns.

The Seahawks defense has tightened up, but if you’ve been starting Barnidge you probably don’t have a better option. Barnidge will be a good test to see if the Seahawks have tightened up their tight end problem of allowing touchdowns to me. Start Barnidge.