Seahawks: Fans want to chill with Michael Bennett

Seattle Seahawks fans were asked whom they’d most like to spend the day with. When all the votes were in, the funniest guy on the team was the clear winner.

This week was a busy week for man Seattle Seahawks players: weddings, charity events, the ESPYs, etc. They were gracious enough to share so much of these events with us. It makes fans feel like they know the players well as we follow them on social media and hang on their every word in interviews.

I decided in this week’s Twitter of the Twelves I’d ask whom fans would most like to spend the day with.

To say the least, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is a character. With a mix of scathing humor and dry wit, Bennett is never afraid to tell it like it is. The first to stand up for someone, or bring someone back down to earth, Bennett has become a huge fan favorite over the last few seasons.

Bennett was in the news this last week when he called out NBA MVP Steph Curry for charging $2,000 for a basketball camp in Hawaii. He’s also been quite vocal for two years about wanting a new contract. Seattle fans hope the Seahawks front office find a way to make that happen and keep Bennett in Seattle for a long time.

The fans of Pete Carroll were the most vocal of the voters this week. Carroll, who came to Seattle in 2010, has completely transformed the Seattle Seahawks team into the powerhouse using, at times, unconventional methods. His football acumen and leadership was mentioned repeatedly, as was the word hero. There is no question how beloved Pete Carroll is.

The Postman is speaking of Richard Sherman. Sherman came in just behind Carroll in the poll, but his voters used many of the same adjectives as the Carroll voters did. Intelligent, authentic, saying they wanted to “pick his football brain”. It is no wonder Carroll and Sherman are such a good fit, as they seem to be quite similar.

Are you kidding? I LOVE kickers! There were a few write in votes. Former Seahawks running back (I still cringe when I have to write the word ‘former’) Marshawn Lynch was a very popular answer, as was Seattle’s kicking team. Even Seahawks general manager got a vote or two.

This shows me that the love of this team is not just for its super stars, but for everyone under the Seattle Seahawks umbrella.