Seahawks puns for your fantasy football team name


A collection of some the best and worst Seattle Seahawks puns to help you create the perfect name for your fantasy football team.

The toughest part of playing fantasy football isn’t who to draft, or when to start certain bench players. Those are easy decisions compared to deciding on the perfect name for your fantasy team. Luckily, you’ve got me here to give you a helping hand.

The basics for coming up with a good name were laid out last year. The rules for a great fantasy name aren’t going to change.

"A good fantasy football team name has four basic qualities:Has a player from your favorite team in itContains an obnoxious punMakes you smile when you see itMakes everyone else roll their eyesIf you can come up with a name that does all of those things, then you’re set. It doesn’t even matter if your fantasy team is any good at that point. Trust me, you’ll have already won where it really counts."

Just look at my teams from that past two seasons. Last year it was Legion of Whom. The year before it was Marshawn of the Dead. Both were rather mediocre on Sundays, but they easily won in terms of having the best name.

If you need more examples, here’s a few that will hopefully get you started.

  • Heart Shaped Lockett
  • The Wright Stuff
  • I’m Bald-win and beautiful
  • My team’s been Kearsed
  • Chancellor Kam’s army
  • These people are McCray-cray
  • J’Marcus Webb of lies
  • Slavin away at work
  • I better call my Lawler
  • Hunt-ing for Heaps of Cottom
  • The march of General (Richard) Sherman
  • Don’t get Tye’d up
  • Wreck it Rawls
  • Rawls Deep (possibly NSFW)
  • Running in Glow-motion
  • What Deshon Foxx say? (Hiyiyiyiyi)

I also asked twitter for some ideas. Lets just say they did much better at providing good ideas than they did last year.

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Do you have a favorite you’d like to add? Post in below in the comments. I’m a sucker for great puns, and I know there’s some great ones that weren’t included here.