Seahawks vs Lions 5 takeaways from a playoff win

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The Seattle Seahawks ended the season for the Detroit Lions. Now the Seahawks head to Atlanta for division round of the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the Detroit Lions in route to a 26-6 playoff victory. The game didn’t even feel that close, as the Seahawks won all three phases of the game.

For the Seahawks it was their fifth straight season with at least one playoff win. 2016 was also their 5th straight season with at least 10 regular season wins. We’re becoming spoiled by our team, and I’m perfectly ok with that.

Here are my 5 takeaways from tonight’s win:


1. A vintage Richard Sherman performance

Seattle’s star CB had had a turbulent season. He’s been great all year, but it also feels like this season hasn’t been up to his usual standards. The lack of an All-Pro award this season seems to indicate that the voters agree.

Tonight though, was vintage Sherman. He locked down his side of the field, and did so without any help. The Seahawks were able to roll the safeties away from Sherman and provide extra help to Shead and Lane.

Sherman’s stats speak for themselves:

Seattle’s defense is tough to score on when Sherman plays like he did tonight.

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