Should Seahawks seriously consider trading Richard Sherman?

The Seattle Seahawks management had a chance to squash the trade rumors with Richard Sherman and decided not to do so.

Divisive words and a hint of on field vulnerability have some wondering wether or not Richard Sherman is expendable. For a while now rumors have been making the rounds with regard to Sherman’s future in Seattle. While it seems unlikely that the Seahawks would part ways with their star corner, it’s still an intriguing talking point. Should the Hawks actually consider trading Richard Sherman?

A lot of people have grown weary of Sherman’s abrasive know it all act. Perhaps John Schneider and Pete Carroll have grown tired of the act as well. The two have both been asked about the rumors seperately and neither has responded in such a way as to quell them. It appears at the very least that the organization is attempting to send a message to Sherman.

This year alone he had the blow up on the sidelines against Atlanta, a confrontation with Darrell Bevell about play calling, and made an unwarranted threat to pull a local media member’s credential when he became agitated by a simple question. He then doubled down, refusing any wrongdoing in the weeks to follow.

Dec 15, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) is restrained by linebacker Cliff Avril (56) in the third quarter against the Los Angeles Rams during a NFL football game at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sherman’s belligerent behavior may not warrant a trade, but it does start to create a slight headache for the organization. If that headache begins to become a full blown migraine and is deemed as too big of a distraction, Sherman could find himself being shopped. Though he’s had a pretty consistent personality throughout his career, people are less inclined to put up with the circus act when the team isn’t winning championships. Richard being Richard on a Super Bowl team is just dandy. Richard being Richard on a team that was blown out in the divisional round isn’t quite as fun.

Attitude aside, the other factor in trade talks revolves around on field performance. There have been times when the All Pro corner has looked pretty average against elite passing attacks. Opponents have seemed to find a decent amount of success by attacking Sherm with intermediate and short throws. Atlanta nickle and dimed their way down the Georgia Dome turf in January, and unfortunately they aren’t the only team who’s found success doing that.

But even if Sherman doesn’t scare opposing offenses quite like he did a couple of years ago, he still plays the position at an extremely high level. It would be hard to find value in a trade involving Sherman because he is still unquestionably the best corner on the roster. If you take him away, what are you left with? The simple answer is a much weaker secondary.

While the antics have become a little exhausting and the performance level has dipped ever so slightly, I still wouldn’t bet on Seattle shipping Sherman out of town. Right now he’s the best option they have, and at this point he’s still well respected in the locker room. But if the defense continues to slip next season and Sherman continues to hold everyone accountable but himself, don’t be surprised if the plug gets pulled upon the season’s conclusion.

Despite the continued story line, I don’t think the Seahawks will part ways with Sherman. However, things in the NFL can change very quickly. Trading Sherman right now would seem to be an irresponsible move by an organization who often gets things right. By the same token, it would be irresponsible for Sherman to continue down the perceived prideful path of blaming everyone else for shortcomings, mishaps and let downs. If he wants to stay in Seattle, he’ll need to continue playing at a high level and start holding himself accountable.

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