Sherman A No-Show at Voluntary Workouts! World is Ending! (Not really.)

A fairly quiet day in the Seahawks world gives us time to reflect on Sherman news

Richard Sherman has decided to skip Phase One of offseason workouts. These are voluntary workouts. What does this mean? Is there some hidden agenda? My guess is no. Again, these workouts are voluntary.

What is Sherman going to prove by showing up? That he is in shape? One assumes he is. That he would learn more of the nuances of the defense by coming to a camp that is mostly conditioning work? Of course, not. That he is giving up on being a Seahawk because of all the offseason trade banter? Again, no.

Sherman was not the only player to miss Tuesday’s first day of workouts. Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas missed as well. I guess they are going to be traded too. Let’s face it. The Seahawks are going to be awful this year. They will have traded away all their talent and be left with less than the Cleveland Browns have.

(Author’s note: I am lying. The Browns are terrible. The Seahawks will win the NFC West in 2017.)

(Second author’s note: I have just jinxed the Seahawks with my prediction. They will now have a worse record than the Browns in 2017.)

Your attendance is not required

Basically, people should not panic that Sherman was a no-show. Him not being at camp is meaningless at this point. Let me put it this way, let’s pretend you work a job. You have been employee of the month several times. Management has come to you and said, “(Insert your name), you’ve been great but we are thinking of trading you to another company.” This probably means you would not show up the next Saturday that you are not required to work. Will you show up on Monday when you are required to and do your best? Of course, you will.

Phase One of voluntary workouts for veteran professional football players is a bit like showing up on a Saturday when you don’t have to. Will you gain anything from working that Saturday? No. Will your company? No.

Tell you what, take the weekend off and enjoy yourself. Just be prepared to show up on Monday and be your regular, fantastic self. We will all be better off that way.

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