Seahawks 2017 Schedule Notes

Seahawks single game tickets go on sale starting Saturday, but it gets complicated

Do you remember as a small child when you could buy tickets at the window when you and your parents arrived at the game? No? Nobody else does either. That is because tickets were much cheaper so many years ago. Now players make lots more, owners even more and the fans pay so much more tickets. Want to take little Johnny or little Jane to the game? Spend that pension on that one game they will see in their lifetime!

(I know what you are thinking, “Lee, what is a pension?”)

For 2017’s home schedule, Seahawks fans can begin buying single game tickets this Saturday at 10 am PT. 2,400 tickets will be released at that time on 12s can buy up to eight tickets but the prices will change based on the market.

On July 31st, 12s will be able to purchase more single-game tickets for $66 at the CenturyLink Box Office. In other words, start lining up on Memorial Day for a chance to get any.

Some fascinating things about the 2017 schedule has a really good piece on interesting aspects of this coming season’s schedule. A few tidbits include…

The Seahawks play only one 10 am PT game

That matchup will be against the Jacksonville Jaguars on December 10th. This is good for a few reasons. Mostly, the Seahawks will play on the road against a not-great team early in the day but late in the year. The schedule could be much worse.

Plus, the Seahawks avoid playing the Jaguars in London. Has anyone else noticed that the next NFL team to move will be the Jaguars and it will be to London? Shahid Khan must have a bunch of money.

Seattle mostly has a back-and-forth schedule

Seattle plays at home back-to-back just one time (week eight versus Houston and week nine against Washington). The Seahawks play back-to-back away games only once (week five versus the Rams and week seven taking on the Giants). The away games actually sandwich the bye in week six, so even those games are not really two straight weeks on the road.

This means while Seattle may not gain a lot of momentum by playing at home several weeks in a row, they will also not have a drudge of road matchups for a few weeks at a time.

Plus, weather should not be a factor this season. In fact, the only away game that could be a temperature problem is the heat of Nashville in late September when the Seahawks play the Titans. Otherwise, the rain and possible snow of Seattle is the only issue. That is a good problem to have.

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