Why You Should Be Excited About This Seahawks Draft

Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces the start of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces the start of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

I know, I know, I can hear you now say how disappointed you may be feeling regarding this 2017 draft. You probably threw your remote at the flat screen with every pick that didn’t have an OL tag on at the end of the name.

You knew it, I knew it, the whole world knew that we should’ve drafted an OL with at least more than 2 picks out of 11. Yes, I too do not want to see Russell Wilson run for his life next year-and boy what would a solid 2.9 seconds in the pocket (rather than 1.9 seconds) do for a guy like Russell?

Yes, yes, I get it and I agree with you. However, even with the fact that our beloved execs decided to choose only 2 OL out of 11 draft picks, we still should be celebrating this draft. Here’s why:

1. The Seahawks brass understand that with every draft, we are not only drafting for this upcoming season, but we are drafting for the next few years

They get it better than any other team and when we signed Mr. Schneider and Coach Carroll, Paul Allen knew he wasn’t only getting great leaders, he was getting architects of championship teams who have learned from historical trends to generate wins. (I wrote more about this yesterday as well.)

What these past few days have shown me, is that despite all persons not named John Schneider and Pete Carroll, we will place the most resources towards the positions that have the greatest reward: defense first (mostly defensive back and defensive line) and running back despite what everyone says they should do.

Why would we gather more DBs and more DLs when we already have great first and somewhat second tier men in those positions prior to this draft? They did that because they know that the style that we play isn’t like the other teams. We smash you in your mouth. We will take your head off and spit down your throat (this is the running-style we employ, just think of what we do on D?).

We burn out more guys than most teams

Given the fact that the LOB became the LOB because we employ that style of play (not just because it’s a catchy name). John and Pete have to churn out more men just like the ones they got a few years back just to keep up that style of play.

We drafted very Seahawky DBs and DLs knowing that eventually the Bennetts, the Chancellors and yes, the cousin Earl’s of the team will either diminish in play performance (via injury either real or perceived OR their contract demands would be too great for the all-equal cap that each team gets).

Yes, if your last name is Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman or Shead, the news is that they basically drafted your replacements (I call the LOB-squared). Mostly likely this will piss these players off. So? Maybe that anger will result in them playing like they did in pre-2015 and elevate their games to their highest levels. That will only result in a more consistent pass defending 2017. This will hopefully will get our turnover ratio (giveaway/takeaway) back to pre-2016 numbers.

2. Our Execs know who we are and what wins games

How many of the other 31 teams can say that? We know what wins games!! That statement by itself should get you all giddy. They know that smash mouth, beat you before you snap that first play (Denver Broncos 2013 SB), get in your head (i.e. Dennis Rodman), bigger, faster, stronger team WINS games. This is who we are and that is what wins games, plain and simple. I have to admit that when we lost Beast Mode, half of that swag left with him. It’s time that competition on the defensive side of things should spill over into every other part of the team.

3. The bigger the risks, the bigger the reward: What other execs in the NFL are as volatile as the Seahawks brass?

How many times did they trade down? How many other GMs would do that? Moreover, how many owners would allow it? Schneider and Carroll know that this is a numbers game. The more players we have on our team, the better (somewhat easier) chance it will be for us to coach them up and find that next Baldwin, Chancellor and Sherman. With each new guy they get on the team via draft and the free agent pool, the Seahawks have a better chance at getting some guy that has a huge chip on his shoulder and who wants to win as much as the execs do.

4.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

How many times have teams who haven’t been to the playoffs, but saw significant gains from a management standpoint, changed execs, head coaches and the like? Paul Allen seems to be happy with how this team is being run. By all accounts, he should be.

5. The OL, let’s talk about that for a second

What I think the Seahawks coaches have to do is change up the way we use our O-line and our play calling scheme. I think the zone-blocking scheme is just that and the running game will be the same. Due to the fact that we don’t want our prized possession running for his life, receiving routes will need to be shortened and/or there will be more timing pass plays. This is similar to how the immobile Tom Brady’s scheme is set for him.

With a different offensive scheme, one that relies less on an inexperienced or 2nd-tier offensive line, the Seahawks won’t have to ride or die with that line. Instead, they can rely heavily on the defense to create a shortened offensive field position and the run game to produce points and reduce the opponents time of possession.

What I’m saying sounds A LOT like how we won the big golden trophy in 2013 doesn’t it? Yes, it does. This is why this draft feels so much like the 2012 draft.

Also, could it be the reason why Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas are so upset with management is that they don’t want to leave this team?

It’s not just the overpriced housing and entertainment that keeps them from leaving us. It’s because they know that if they go somewhere else that isn’t managed by John and Pete, they may actually have to tow the company line and not be allowed to be their authentic selves.

They have it great here

They’ve invested a ton of time into the community. To be recycled out doesn’t sit with them very well.

Sure, I have a huge bro-crush on John and Pete. That crush didn’t evolve because they are nice guys. I have met John a few times and have yet to meet Pete, but ultimately they have earned that affinity because they produce wins. They do it in style, and at the end of the day, they get the right guys to fit our scheme. Notice I said OUR scheme, not the NFL’s scheme or what others are doing.

I have a feeling that they are going to evolve their scheme. Based on how they drafted this year with a strong emphasis on defense, I have to believe that they know something we all don’t know. We’ll see how that all plays out. Until then, I am very excited about this crop of guys we just got.

How they will do won’t be judged until three seasons from now when we do our mock re-drafts. I have a feeling that the Seahawks got a ton of value for some of these guys.