Early Odds Are In for the Seahawks 2017 Season

Nov 7, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise (22) picks up a first down as he is tackled by Buffalo Bills free safety Corey Graham (20) during the third quarter at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks won 31-25. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 7, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise (22) picks up a first down as he is tackled by Buffalo Bills free safety Corey Graham (20) during the third quarter at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks won 31-25. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports /

Just last week our own Lee Vowell made what he called his way too early home game picks and also far too early road game picks for the 2017 Seahawks season. Obviously he was too early, as the first oddsmakers released their lines today. For the complete breakdown of every game for every team, check out CG Technology’s picks courtesy of ESPN.

The Picks Are In

I know many of you that live in the tl;dr camp. For you, CG Technology favored the Seahawks in 12 games, had them in one pick ’em, and cast them as the underdog twice. Yes, that’s just 15 picks. Week 17 was not included. To paraphrase the source, Week 17 be nuts, so no one is setting a line now.

For those of you who are good, sane and true and only care about your Seahawks, we’ll take a look at those picks right here.

Week 1: Seahawks at Packers (-3)

Right out of the gate and we get dissed! What does Vegas think Green Bay has, Aaron Rodg…yeah, okay. On the road, to that guy, hard to pick the road team.

Week 2: 49ers at Seahawks (-13)

Only 13? That line can only reflect that there are still at least twenty thousand San Francisco fans that think Montana and Lott are about to take the field.

Week 3: Seahawks (-2) at Titans

Honestly, that line seems about right. Tennessee’s defense should be much tougher, and we all know the Titans have some scary talent on offense. I expect Mariota to have a terrific year, but I don’t see him having a terrific day in this game. Just good enough to make it tense.

Week 4: Colts at Seahawks (-7)

The Fightin’ Ponies of Indianapolis are projected to finish a game over .500, a game under .500, depending on your tea leaves. With or without Andrew Luck, they aren’t winning here.

Week 5: Seahawks (-6) at Rams

I would say something really snarky, but Los Angeles – they are still in Los Angeles, right? – always gives Seattle fits. Maybe the Fisher mojo will finally be gone. I see this as a close win.

Week 7: Seahawks at Giants (Pick’Em)

Despite this being a road game against what should be a tough opponent, I’m surprised Seattle isn’t a slight favorite here. The Giants will be coming off a road game in Denver, the Seahawks off their bye week. The Giants have weird off games, too. I see the New York Football Giants pounding the Broncos in a shocker, then getting shredded at home just as shockingly. The Giants are good at confounding their fans that way.

Week 8: Texans at Seahawks (-7.5)

No Osweiler, that’s worth three points for Houston right there. Surely we’ll see what Deshaun Watson has by then. If he can’t beat out Savage and Weeden, this is a 20 point win.

Week 9: Redskins at Seahawks (-8)

This isn’t a huge trap game, but it is a trap game. Second consecutive home game against an opponent that isn’t expected to be terrific, the week before the Cardinals on the road. Watch out.

Week 10: Seahawks (-1.5) at Cardinals

Ahhh…we return to the scene of the Debacle in the Desert, the Fiasco in Phoenix, the Abomination in Arizona…okay, you all remember it, as much as you’d like to forget it. Win, lose or -shudder – tie, there is no way this game can be that bad. That includes earthquake damage.

Week 11: Falcons at Seahawks (-3)

Revenge! Retribution! Referees! Hopefully the zebras will understand what is, and isn’t, holding this time. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Second very tough game in a row.

Week 12: Seahawks (-7.5) at 49ers

San Francisco is just a really bad team right now. Amazing how quickly they fell off the map. Hmmm.. maybe that Harbaugh guy was a good coach after all.

Week 13: Eagles at Seahawks (-7)

We’ll see how much Carson Wentz has improved. I foresee not nearly enough against what I expect will be a newly invigorated Legion of Boom in 2017.

Week 14: Seahawks (-4) at Jaguars

Only a four point favorite, this reflects as much as anything that no one wants to give up on Jacksonville’s chance to be decent. Maybe because their owner could buy a good team and replace them, twice, with change to spare? Won’t help the Jags in this one.

Week 15: Rams at Seahawks (-13.5)

Yes, Russell, Earl and the rest of the fellas should coast to a win here. Problem is, it’s the stinkin’ Rams, and Seattle hits the road the following week for what could very likely be homefield throughout the playoffs, if they perform up to expectations. Either a 30 point annihilation or a two point squeaker, nothing in between.

Week 16: Seahawks at Cowboys (-3)

How ’bout them – nope, not even going to type the hated phrase. This could easily be the biggest game of the regular season for both teams, division games included. Of course, it could also have absolutely no bearing on anything of import. That’s the fun of making picks in May.

Week 17: Cardinals at Seahawks (no line)

You’d assume based upon the line for the road game, the Seahawks would be favored here by 7.5 or 8 points. That also assumes that both teams treat the game as they would the Week 10 tilt, and that’s a rare occurrence in today’s NFL. Let’s hope Seattle has home field locked up regardless of the outcome – and knocks the Cardinals out of the playoff hunt just for good measure.

Those are the picks, the comments, and I’d say that’s just enough.