From Cleats to Clipboards, Future Coaches on the Seahawks

We already looked back at former Seahawks that are, or were at least recently coaching. Seems the perfect time to project into the misty future, say, ten years from now, and imagine which current Seahawks will be on the sidelines.

The Coaches of 2027

Michael Wilhoite. Please, just look at that picture up top again. I guarantee you his players will drink lava for him. And spit out Kingsford briquettes. In 2027, he’ll be the Kansas High School Coach of the Year, after bringing Highland Park High School their second straight state championship. He has his work cut out for him as they were 0-9 in 2016. Hopefully they’ll improve by the time he gets there.

Luke Willson. Willson will be the tight ends and special teams coach for the Toronto Argonauts in 2027, after starting as an assistant offensive line coach with the Argos. He’ll probably sideline as an instructor for the Canadian Junior National Baseball team, too.

Tre Madden. Madden missed half his college career at USC to injury, and spent his rookie Seahawks season on injured reserve. Having played both linebacker and running back in high school, he’ll get his feet wet back home as an assistant at USC. By 2027, offensive coordinator for the Trojans.

Jake Heaps. Where else? Quarterbacks coach for the Seattle Seahawks. Kidding – Pete will still be here, Russell will still be here, and Carl Smith will still be the QB coach. Heaps will be the head coach for Skyline High School, working on his second state title to match the two he won as a player.

Of course I’ll wrap up with one who won’t

Tyler Ott. As a long snapper, Ott would be a great coach. He could certainly empathize with his players’ job insecurities. After all, the Seahawks are his fifth NFL team in less than three years. The problem with Ott is he graduated from a pretty decent school himself. Harvard, with a degree in Economics and a minor in Public Policy. In ten years he’ll be the City Manager of Tulsa, his hometown. In twenty, Governor of Oklahoma.

And in 2040, Governor Ott will run for the Presidency of the United States. Against the honorable junior Senator from California, Richard Sherman.

I sent in my campaign contribution this afternoon.