Predicting the NFC West and Seahawks finish in 2017

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 24: Wide receiver Doug Baldwin
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 24: Wide receiver Doug Baldwin /

The NFC West isn’t as crazy as it used to be.

In 2010, the Seahawks won the division at 7-9, a losing record.

In 2015, the Cardinals won the division at 13-3.

Nowadays, the Seahawks and the Cardinals seem like the only two contenders in the division, yet still struggle against the Rams and Niners in head to head battle.

The West is in for another wild run this season.

Here is how I believe it will play out.

Let’s start with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Niners have taken a nose dive since losing the NFC Championship in 2013. Departures include head coach Jim Harbaugh, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, etc. Not to mention the whole Colin Kaepernick situation.

To be blunt, the Niners have possibly the worst roster in the NFL, and they will not compete this season.

New head coach Kyle Shanahan had a ton of success in Atlanta, but he won’t find that same success in San Francisco just yet.

And Brian Hoyer is no Matt Ryan.

49ers finish: 3-13 (4th in NFC West)

Next up is the Los Angeles Rams.

In their first season in LA, the Rams weren’t good. They finished 4-12 after a nightmarish season for rookie Jared Goff and company.

The offense is in shambles as Jared Goff is still looking for his first win, and Todd Gurley only averaged 3.0 yards per carry last season.

The defensive line seems to be the only solid position the Rams have. Although they had the Seahawks number for the longest time, Seattle blew them away late last season in Seattle en route to seven straight losses to end the season.

Jeff Fisher was finally canned, and it looks like the Rams are back in rebuild mode.

The Rams may improve a couple games this season, however they will neither compete for the division, nor the playoffs.

Rams finish 6-10 (3rd NFC West)

Now, we have the Arizona Cardinals.

The once-great team who went 13-3 and bulldozed their way through the NFC West two years ago seems to be on the decline.

The downward spiral began with the offense’s complete lack of production last season, starting with Carson Palmer’s inefficiency.

The Cardinals have the best running back in the division in David Johnson, however if the pass game is nonexistent, then the run game will begin to slow down. This is exactly what happened last season.

After going 13-3 in 2015, they finished a pathetic 7-8-1 last season.

The defense is good enough to push them to 13 wins this season, however the offense has to be better than mediocre. I do not see Carson Palmer being any better this year than he was last year, so it’s highly unlikely.

Cardinals finish 9-7 (2nd NFC West)

Finally, we reach the good guys. Our Seattle Seahawks.

Recently, the Seahawks have struggled against division opponents (with the exception of the 49ers), but have been great in non-division games.

The only holes on paper for the team are the offensive line and possibly the second cornerback position. The Seahawks used free agency and the draft to try and fill those holes.

The Seahawks have a decent schedule this season, so if Seattle can take care of the non-division games, we could see the Seahawks have another 10+ win season.

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If they can finally solve the division issues and beat the Rams and Cardinals, we could be seeing upwards of 12-13 wins, and even a first round bye.

This is all if they stay healthy, though. So, we’ll just assume for now that they stay healthy.

Seahawks finish 11-5 (1st NFC West)