Richard Sherman was all that stood between us and our robot overlords

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 11: Cornerback Richard Sherman
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 11: Cornerback Richard Sherman /
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Richard Sherman battled against a robot in Compton, California. And mankind may be in trouble.

Okay, so maybe the headline is just a tad overdramatic. Richard Sherman wasn’t battling a Terminator, after all. Good thing, those T-1000s were tough. His opponent was closer to a Terminator 60 than a T-600. And Cyberdyne Systems had nothing to do with its creation. Although it was made in California. Compton, in fact.

The Compton High Robotics Club decided they needed a challenge. With the help of the Oberto Sausage Company, they found an awesome challenge.

By the way, the Oberto Sausage Company is the actual name of those Oberto Beef Jerky people. You probably knew their headquarters are just a half hour down the road from CenturyLink Field in Kent. If you didn’t start, time to start buying Oberto!*

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The oddsmakers like Sherman early

Back to the battle. Let’s set the stage. Compton native Sherman faces a robotic quarterback. The Seahawk All-Pro is the early favorite in Vegas. Oddsmakers make him the prohibitive favorite in fact, at -700. After all, the man is a four time Pro Bowler. Among his most comparable players are Hall of Fame players Herb Adderly, Rod Woodson and Aeneas Williams. He is a lock to win this battle.

And who does he face? The Compton Robotics Club. Sure, these kids are smart. They’re brilliant in fact. I’m surprised one of them isn’t Peter Parker. But do they scare you? Nah, they don’t scare me either. And they sure don’t scare Richard Sherman. Sherman says, “Ya’ll think it’s gonna get past me? Past these All-Pro hands?” Clearly, the man isn’t worried.

Worst of all,look at the preparation time for the two sides. Sherman has prepared for this battle for years. Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady – just training tools for the ultimate battle. The Compton Robotics club? They have one week to build their machine. Codename: CHAMP. Cornerback Humiliation Annihilation Mutilation and Punking machine. Okay, so they didn’t name it that. They can have the rights for a bag of jerky. Spicy Sweet preferred.