Boykin’s date pushed back to August and other Seahawks notes

GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 01: Richard Sherman
GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 01: Richard Sherman /

The Seahawks’ Trevone Boykin keeps having court hearing delayed and SI has a weird list. Pre-training camp notes can be fun?

Trevone Boykin, backup quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks, has now had his court date for two arrests stemming from an incident in March pushed back to August 22nd. Originally, Boykin was supposed to have a hearing on July 14th. The reason for the delay was not immediately given. The new date will come between the Seahawks’ second and third pre-season games.

The issue for Seattle is not that Boykin may necessarily go to jail for being charged with public intoxication and marijuana possession from an incident on March 27th when he was a passenger in a vehicle that injured seven people at a bar. The problem is he could go to jail. The July court hearing was bad enough. But now with such a late pre-season appointment, the Seahawks would have little time to find a replacement for Boykin should the decision turn badly.

Unless, of course, the Seahawks have real faith in Austin Davis. Presumably (and realistically?), they do not. Or Seattle has hopes of signing…you know what is coming…Colin Kaepernick. Either one is not a real solution to the Seahawks backup quarterback issue. Boykin needs to be the answer to that question in 2017.

Richard Sherman is among active Seahawks in MMQB’s all-time draft

I honestly am not going to spend much time on this silliness. SI’s MMQB held an all-time NFL draft based on the picks of 12 “GMs.” Dan Fouts, one of the fake GMs, chose punter Ray Guy number four overall. The sadness here is that this draft is not a bad idea but the execution was terrible.

Of note, though, former Seahawk Devin Hester went 173rd (!!!) overall and Sherman 221st. Another punter (seriously) went 285th, Andy Lee.

Words of advice, SI and MMQB, if you are going to come up with a good idea, make sure the product is decent. This list was a complete joke.