Seahawks fans should be worried about the recent CTE study. Very worried indeed.

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Brooks Reed
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Brooks Reed /
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ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 14: Brooks Reed
ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 14: Brooks Reed /

Seahawks players have to be watching this situation very closely

By now all good 12s must be thinking, so what does this have to do with my Seahawks? Nothing right now. But let me tell you a bit more about John Urschel, the now former Baltimore Raven.

Urschel is working on his PhD at M.I.T. More alphabet soup, I know. Let’s just say he’s an extremely bright young man. Among other things he’s studying at M.I.T. is spectral graph theory. I would have googled it, but I figured I’d mistype it too many times, so I didn’t even try.

Borland is no slouch himself. Not an M.I.T. guy, but still bright. As for A.J. Tarpley, just read this incredible piece he wrote for Sports Illustrated last year on concussions and his retirement. All of these guys left the game early because they want their brains to continue to work at a high level.

So, do you know of any extremely bright young men on the Seahawks? Darn right you do. I’m not even going to attempt to list everyone, so if I don’t mention your favorite player, I’m not saying he’s just a big ol’ dumb football player. But you have to start with Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Bobby Wagner and Michael Bennett. There are plenty more to add, but no one can dispute these are among the brightest of the Seahawks. And a lot of bright young players are leaving the game early. Don’t be surprised to read one day that one of your favorites has turned in his playbook while he can still read it.

Let me be clear about one thing. The biggest concern is the health of the players we follow, not whether they’ll play next year. So it might be a good thing to see some early retirements.

Remember when Pete Carroll was talking about robots or holograms playing football instead of players? Looks like he may need to invest in those robot hologram players sooner than he thought.