What would the return of Marcel Reece mean to the Seahawks running game?

SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 01: Thomas Rawls (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 01: Thomas Rawls (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

According to two very different sources, the Seahawks have asked fullback Marcel Reece to return to the team for training camp. If this is true, what does it mean for the running game?

It’s nice to see a rumor about the Seahawks that isn’t about trouble in the locker room. No, this is the kind of rumor we can all enjoy. The great Bob Condotta reported earlier today in the Seattle Times that no less an authority than celebrity chef Guy Fieri said Marcel Reece will be back in navy, gray and action green. Yep, Guy Fieri. The chef better known for his spiked blonde hair than his restaurants. Yep, that Guy. He and Reece are reportedly friends – or as Fieri put in his tweet, his “brutha”, because Fieri is one totally down dude.

Regardless of my feelings about the TV chef, he’s a possibly credible source, as he and Reece have worked together and are apparently friends. Of course, remember when Spike Lee posted that his good friend Colin Kaepernick had signed with the Seahawks? Yeah, that was dead on.

This story does get a bit more interesting when you realize that someone who might actually know if he’s returning tweeted this:

That makes it seem just a bit more credible, right?

Marcel Reece can make that running game go

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Reece’s blocking skill is well-known to 12s. When Thomas Rawls set the Seahawks playoff record with his 161 yard game against the Detroit Lions, Marcel Reece was his fullback on 10 of those runs. Reece played on 45 percent of the offensive snaps that game. Amazing how the running game took off with an excellent blocking back leading the way, isn’t it?

Reece was used sparingly during his four regular season games in 2016. The most snaps he got was against the San Francisco 49ers. His 18 snaps accounted for just 29 percent of offensive plays. Guess which team had their best rushing production in three weeks? If you guessed Seattle, give yourself a fabulous no-prize!

Both Pete Carroll and Tom Cable have praised Reece’s blocking ability in the past. So perhaps no matter the source, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see Marcell Reece take the field this Sunday at VMAC.

What would the return of Marcel Reece mean to the running game of the Seahawks? Bigger holes, more yards, and very likely a ticket home for either Kyle Coleman or Algernon Brown. Actually, I think Brown will really push Reece for the job – assuming any of this is true. Fieri, this better not be another best ever burger that turns out to be a day old Carl’s Jr!