Russell Wilson Hires Full-Time Trainer to Help Reach Amazing Goal

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 02: Quarterback Russell Wilson
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 02: Quarterback Russell Wilson /

Russell Wilson has an amazing goal in mind, and he’s taking every step he can to reach it. Here’s a hint: he’s only at the 20 percent mark.

The average time span for quarterbacks ranges from about five to seven years. If you’re great, you’ll end up like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers who have been in the league for more than 12 seasons. Russell Wilson wants to join that group.

Actually, he wants to play longer than anyone ever has: 25 years. So he hired a full-time trainer to help him do just that. The trainer, 25-year-old Decker Davis, will help him around the clock with fitness and nutrition.

During the offseason, Wilson spent most of his time in Los Angeles, so Davis followed and found a place to stay that was five minutes away;  and when Wilson moved to Seattle for the start of the offseason program, Davis followed behind him.

“He travels with me everywhere I go,” Wilson said. “We go everywhere together. He’s super detailed. We can go in any situation, any scenario, any location and find something to do. We’re constantly doing that.”

Wilson looks to Tom Brady as inspiration on his extended career in the NFL and wants to be in the same ball park, as reported by ESPN’s Shel Kapadia. Speaking of Brady, Wilson said:

"“Uh, yeah, I pay attention. I’ll say that. I pay attention. Something that I’ve observed and seen. He’s a great example of longevity. He’s a great example of being able to be mobile — a different mobility, but you know what I mean. Being able to seem like he’s just getting better. That’s what I always want to be. That’s my focus.” Wilson added no less than three times, “I want to play 25 years.”"

Russell Wilson’s workout is cooler than yours

Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks /

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks quarterback lifts weights, of course. He also does plyometrics, swims, and boxes. Yes, boxes, under the guidance of a pretty good trainer – Freddie Roach.

"“It wasn’t the first time I boxed, but it was the first time I got to go work out with Freddie Roach,” Wilson said. “One thing I really wanted to work on was my feet. And Freddie and I worked on my feet a bunch. Just working on my balance and quickness and just continuing to build my game.“The idea of being able to do anything and everything at any moment; great boxers have great defense too, meaning being able to move and get away and all that. So that was something that was really important to me too. And it’s a great conditioning workout — one of the hardest workouts you could ever do.”"

Russell Wilson added a full-time physical therapist and nutritionist to his staff as well.

Fortunately, for Seahawks fans and himself, Wilson still has not missed a game in his five-year NFL career, but last season he encountered something he hadn’t before. He rushed for a career-low 259 yards, and the Seahawks had to shrink their playbook because Wilson was mostly a nonfactor with his legs.

It’s something that Wilson doesn’t want to go through again. His focus is on getting back to his 2015 form. He completed 67.5 percent of his passes, averaged 8.62 yards per attempt and threw 25 touchdowns with only two interceptions in the second half of the season. Not only was he on fire in the pocket, but he was extremely mobile and easily extended plays.

25 years is a long time to be playing football but hopefully the full-time trainer will pay off during the upcoming season and 20 seasons to come.