Beyond the game: Seattle events for 12s this weekend

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 16: Tight end Jimmy Graham (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 16: Tight end Jimmy Graham (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

So, training camp, am I right? Am I?? 12s are going to have pre-season games soon! I dared a peek at my Richard Sherman jersey the other day and I swear it was faintly glowing. Vibrating too, I think. The jersey is trying to tell me something. I think it’s trying to tell me that this season is going to be rad. The jersey is curious how Eddie Lacy is going to do. Mostly, the jersey is just feeling confident. I like it when my Richard Sherman jersey is glowing with confidence. 

Blue Angels!

I can literally hear the Blue Angels right now as they practice their maneuvers for this weekend’s performances. Their practicing and performing wreak havoc on the local traffic, with the closures of the I-90 floating bridge, but it sure is cool to look at. The little boy in me bets giddy with excitement when I hear the roar of those jet engines. You can watch their performances free from Genesee Park in Columbia City. Or you can go all out with tickets to Sea Fair and do the whole entire thing properly. Check out the website here for information on ticketing, scheduling, etc. 

One of my favorite restaurants in all of Seattle is Vito’s Restaurant and Lounge on First Hill. It looks like something right out of a mobster movie set in the 70’s. They have delicious Italian food, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to eat there. They can’t be beat for ambience. You’ll wish you had a pinky ring. It’s not necessarily a “summery” place. It’s pretty dark inside, but it’s worth a visit. Friday night they’ll have the Brazilian inspired Jovino Santos Neto Trio playing from 9-11:30 pm. Use this as your excuse to go to Vito’s and take in all that atmosphere. While you’re there, be sure to take a peek at the Cougar Room.

Feeling adventurous?

You might be interested in Adventure Hunt: An Epic Day of Adventure. It has “Adventure” in the title twice! Seriously though, this looks fun, if you’re not afraid of a little sun exposure. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Register your team (at least 2 people), download the app – which will guide your team through the event, including challenges both physical and mental (and also fun), complete those challenges to unlock the map, then follow the clues on the map to the location of the treasure. The website says “dig up the treasure chest”, so you might get a chance to dig a hole! There will be real prizes to win, including a trip to Panama. 

Fans of graphic novels should be informed that the Fantagraphics publishing office will be holding a yard sale Saturday 12-5 pm. They’ll have some rare, out-of-print, hard-to-find material to comb through with deals that will be tough to turn down. $1 and $5 specials, a $25 bag you get to fill with anything you want. You’ll probably be able to find some seriously strange stuff there. 

I don’t mean to use such cliched rhyming phrases, but studies have shown there really is no better way to say it then “beat the heat”.

So, if you’re looking to “beat the heat”, you might be interested in the water gun fight in Occidental Park Saturday from 1-2 pm. Tickets are $15-$23. It’ll be red team vs. blue team, so pick a side and wear your colors! Dust off that old super-soaker you have in the back of the closet and put it to good use!

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And finally, head down to Georgetown Saturday evening for the 21st annual Dead Baby Downhill bike race. It’ll start at 6 pm at the Old Black Dog forge space in Belltown before winding it’s way down into the bowels of Georgetown. 3,000 people normally sign up for this ride, so get there early for registration. There’ll be bike jousting. How could you miss bike jousting? Eat barbecue food, drink beer from the 100 kegs they’ll have on hand, and listen to loud music! If you ask me, this sounds like a party.