Beyond the Game: Party on Seahawks-Vikings weekend!

SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Quarterback Trevone Boykin (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Quarterback Trevone Boykin (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

I know it didn’t technically count, but it sure was good to watch the Seahawks beat the guts out of the Chargers in last Sunday’s first pre-season game. I see it kind of like this: The victory last Sunday will echo into their playing in Friday’s game. Like after you eat some deliciously rich chocolate ice-cream, you get to carry that flavor around in your mouth. The Seahawks are carrying the feeling of victory in their hearts right into the game Friday night at the C-Link. And if they win there then it’s all momentum. I like the sounds of momentum leading into the regular season. 

That being said, the game is Friday evening at 7 pm.

I know the 12’s probably didn’t need a reminder, but it is a thing that is happening, and this is a “what’s happening” column. So go out to the stadium if you have the tickets. Take me if you have an extra one!

This weekend is also the 26th annual Hempfest in Seattle! This year features five stages of music and speakers for the enjoyment of the attendees, tons of vendor booths with stuff to buy, lots of food options (because people there might end up wanting something delicious to munch on). 1000 volunteers will make this event possible down at Myrtle Edwards park. Admission is technically free, but there will be donation buckets. The suggested donation is $10. A small price compared to other festivals of this size. 

Have you been wanting to get that “mom heart” tattoo, but you’re having a hard time finding just the right artist? Maybe the Seattle Tattoo Expo should be on your agenda for the weekend! I have actually tattooed people before, about 35 tattoos all total. I can testify to the fact that tattooing is hard to do! Comb through the portfolios of all the artists there and find the perfect one! Or show up to show off your own tattoo! I sport a tattoo sleeve I designed myself. Maybe I’ll go and see if I can pull some compliments out of people’s mouths. Tickets start out at $20.

Washington Beer Collaboration Festival.

Is that enough information for you? How about this: Scuttlebutt Brewing and Diamond Knot Craft Brewing created a ginger and chili pepper-infused “Thai Me Down” lager. Are you paying attention? This event brings together 50 different breweries for 27 unique collaborative brews for your enjoyment. This takes place Saturday in South Lake Union. Tickets start out at $30 which comes with a commemorative glass and eight-four ounce tastes. You can, of course, buy more tastes when you run out. 

Wood Shop BBQ in the Central District is hosting a class Saturday for those looking for the perfect way to butcher, prep, rub and smoke your own meats. Standard Brewing will be on hand with some tasting and ideas abut pairing beer and BBQ meat. Tickets start out at $85. But you’ll be taking home a rack of ribs and a bag of BBQ swag. This is a whole workshop experience!

This next event is making me drool a little onto my keyboard.

Come out to Ballard Commons Park for Ballard Burrito Fest on Saturday for all the burritos you can eat. Probably a little more then you can eat, actually. I bet there’ll be enough burritos there to sustain you and your family well into the coming apocalypse. This event is also free (except for the cost of the burritos). Seriously though, there is a good looking list of associated burrito makers who will wrap up something spicy and delicious.

If you have ever wanted to ask a miniature horse if it gets jealous when it sees full-sized horses galavanting around, you’ll get your chance Saturday at Ounces in West Seattle. Seriously, they will have two mini horses there Saturday. Kids are welcome!

Come out to Alki Sunday evening at 6 for a charity pig roast. $25 per head will benefit Seattle Search and Rescue, and also benefit your mouth when you stuff it full of roasted pig, corn, potato salad, etc. Live music and everything!

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Sea Gals!

Could there be a better ending to your weekend then heading to the Tripple Door for the unveiling of the 2018 Sea Gals calendar? All 30 Sea Gals will be there and will be happy to sign the calendar you’ll receive just for attending. Tickets are $30, so if my math skills are as sharp as I hope they are, that’s roughly $1 per Sea Gal signature. Worth it!