Seahawks vs Raiders: It’s more than a preseason finale

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 02: Running back Marshawn Lynch
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 02: Running back Marshawn Lynch /

If this was a regular season game, the Seahawks versus Raiders topics and match-ups would be endless.

This would be the first time Marshawn Lynch faces Seattle, a team he was thrilled to be wearing the jersey of just two seasons ago. And Bruce Irvin relishing the opportunity to disrupt the offense, similar to the way he got to Aaron Rodgers, when Irvin wore blue and green. (Possibly, neither of these players will play on Thursday.)

Seattle Seahawks versus Oakland Raiders, two of the most promising teams in football squaring off for a potential instant classic.

Sadly, it is still Seahawks preseason.

There are position battles to keep an eye on. Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable continuing to piece together and solidify the offensive line. In addition, the running back competition is still up in the air. Another chance for newcomers to gain an opportunity for the cornerback position opposite Richard Sherman.

As much as this is another preseason game with nothing but jobs on the line for rookies and newcomers, this is one of the most important games on the season due to a year of trash talk going to the victor.

Seattle Seahawks vs Oakland Raiders: A Sibling Rivalry

Throughout life, there are competitions all over the place. While driving and approaching a spotlight transitioning from yellow to red, if available, everyone changes lanes to be first with other vehicles following behind.

In sports, there are a few elements that come to play at the end of a contest. The obvious, one team is the winner, the other is a loser. A potential game to further a team in a tournament and a season coming to an end. As for fan bases, bragging rights for a long duration of time are planted.

My twin brother is a die-hard Raiders fan. In recent years, he has been relatively quiet. Whether we are attending a game at CenturyLink or watching at home, the game has been far more enjoyable for the faithful in blue and green. The Seahawks and Raiders make an annual event of playing a preseason game against the other.

To your favorite team, player or coach, the only numbers that are important are the ones showing on the scoreboard at the end of the game. Each week, all that matters is who comes out with the most points.

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But on Thursday, there will two people who will be on the edge of their seats until the clock strikes zero in the fourth quarter. My brother and me.

And, depending on the outcome, one will celebrate a new freedom (my brother, the Raiders fan) or one will continue to hold stake (me, the Seattle Seahawks fan) in a sibling rivalry.

Go Hawks!