A quick look at the Seahawks’ trades surrounding roster cuts

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Cassius Marsh (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Cassius Marsh (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks made a bunch of trades on Friday and Saturday that changed several players many thought would be in Seattle in 2017. Here’s a quick look at who moved and where and what the Seahawks got.

So, this down-to-the-last-minute roster cut stuff is fun, right? The Seahawks certainly make it so. Is it fun for 12s, though? Maybe. Maybe not. Seattle has lost some fan favorites. But hopefully they have gained talent.


What happened: Seattle traded Jermaine Kearse, a second-round pick and a seventh-round pick to the New York Jets for Sheldon Richardson

What does it mean?: Let’s face it, Kearse was nowhere near Seattle’s best receiver. And heck, maybe quarterback Russell Wilson trusted him too much. Kearse for Richardson? That would be a no-brainer. But adding a second-round choice as well? Hmmm…Richardson is also in the final year of his current contract. Optimistically, the Seahawks have added good talent in 2017 with the new defensive tackle and some cap space in 2018. Let’s hope it works out for the best.

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What happened: The Seahawks traded a seventh-round pick for cornerback Justin Coleman of the New England Patriots

What does it mean?: Who knows? Coleman was in Seattle last year but the team let him go. Bringing him back seems odd. Maybe Coleman will be a good fit. But this move really seems a way of making something else happen later. Whatever that is, I have no idea.

What happened: The Seahawks traded Tramaine Brock to the Minnesota Vikings for a seventh-round choice

What does it mean?: That Seattle wants to load up on the seventh round? No. Losing Brock is not that big of deal as he has never played a regular season game in Seattle. But he offered at least experience even as a backup. This happened after DeAndre Elliott was lost for like ever. So what the Seahawks are thinking must have something to do with the fact they must not like Brock. He wasn’t good in coverage in the preseason. So let him go.

What happened: The Seahawks traded Cassius Marsh to the Patriots for one fifth-round and one seventh-round pick

What does it mean?: This one is more clear than it seems. Marsh was entering the last year of his current contract. Plus, David Bass and Marcus Smith have outplayed him in camp. Though Marsh was great with fans, the Seahawks got something for him now instead of having to pay him later.

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Will the Seahawks make more moves? Probably. The one-time and late roster cuts in the NFL have cfreated a bit of chaos. Isn’t it awesome?