Seahawks vs. Indianapolis: 6 questions with Andrew Ites about Colts

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 06: Andrew Luck (Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 06: Andrew Luck (Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks play the Indianapolis Colts in prime time this coming Sunday. Seattle is 1-2 and needs a win. The Colts are still without quarterback Andrew Luck and are also 1-2.

I spoke with FanSided’s Horseshoe Heroes‘ site expert Andrew Ites to get his thoughts on the upcoming game between the Seahawks and Colts. Does Ites think Luck is better than Russell Wilson? And what is his prediction for the game?

12th Man Rising: How much concern for right now and in the future is Andrew Luck’s injury?

Andrew Ites: It was reported last weekend that Luck will return to practice this week, and could return to the field for Week 7 against the Jaguars. Colts fans still have to be wary of his recovery, but it’s surely a positive sign if he can get some practice time this week.

12th Man: Luck is a great quarterback, but the team around him has not matched his talent. How much concern is there that Luck will play the majority of his career with sub-par talent?

Ites: New general manager Chris Ballard already looks like he’s doing a much better job of building a roster than Ryan Grigson ever did. This roster is really young and will take time to grow. But there are a lot of promising pieces in place for the future.

Seahawks vs. Colts

12th Man: How can the Colts defeat the Seahawks on Sunday?

Ites: First, they have to be able to contain Russell Wilson in the pocket, and pressure him a ton behind a weak offensive line. Secondly, Jacoby Brissett will have to make plays with his legs and pick up some huge yardage on broken plays.

12th Man: What areas do the Seahawks matchup best against Indianapolis?

Ites: Their defense as a whole shouldn’t have much trouble defending the Colts’ offense. Seattle will be able to pressure the quarterback, stuff the run, and cover Indianapolis’ wide receivers pretty well on Sunday night.

12th Man: Who is better, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, and why?

Ites: I think 12th Man Rising answered this question really well in the Q&A article up on Horseshoe Heroes. Luck is more physically talented than Wilson because of his size. But Wilson does a much better job of taking care of the ball. Luck has had to play a bit more recklessly with less talent around him, and Wilson is usually in a good situation in Seattle. I would lean towards Luck, but after this shoulder surgery it remains to be seen whether he can come back and play at that high level again.

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12th Man: Who wins on Sunday and why?

Ites: I think Seattle wins by more than a touchdown. Their home-field advantage is pretty incredible, and Brissett hasn’t really been tested in a road environment like this in his young career.