Seahawks need to be almost perfect in this area against L.A. Rams

Throughout the success of the Seattle Seahawks, there has been one foe, who continually puts a blemish on their record, the Rams.

As of late, the battle for the NFC West is between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle, but both teams run into trouble against the Rams, who currently sit atop the NFC West standings.

If Seattle can win on the road for the first time this season, they will be leaders in the clubhouse. But, getting out of L.A. with a win is never an easy task for the Seahawks.

Seahawks vs Rams: Battle in the Trenches

For the last couple of meetings, the Rams front seven has dismantled the Seahawks offensive line. In this match-up, a weak point on one team is where the other relishes.

This is where the Rams seem to always exploit Seattle: A defensive tackle Aaron Donald pushing through the Seahawks line with ease. Typically, there has been a need for center Justin Britt to focus on Donald, but then no one accounts for the others on the line or blitzing linebacker.

Over the last six match-ups, Donald has recorded 30 tackles and recorded four sacks. In consequence, quarterback Russell Wilson has never been able to feel comfortable against the Rams.

A player as impressive as Aaron Donald is not one you can completely take out of a game, the offensive line can only contain him. He will make plays, but limiting them will be key.

Here is how the Seahawks can help their offensive line

We saw a glimpse of this offense in Tennessee, short routes and the running ability of Wilson. For instance, the receivers can run a shallow drag route about five yards down field or curl routes.

But the most effective route for Seattle could be to extend the pocket on either side of the field and run the slant routes that have become so popular in the NFL.

Even if these options are not there, Russell Wilson under pressure, while standing behind the offensive line, may give 12s an opportunity see a lot of magical plays from the signal caller on Sunday.

As seen above, Wilson is given about three seconds to throw the ball, which ranks almost at the bottom of the league. All things considered, he has an impressive passer rating of 85.5 when under pressure.

On Sunday, Wilson getting a clean pocket on a consistent basis will be a primary focus. In addition, how will Seattle extend the pocket and let Wilson use his legs to keep the Rams defense off-balance? The answer to which will determine who wins the game.


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