What exactly is Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane tweeting?

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Michael Bennett (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 14: Michael Bennett (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane had some odd tweets on Tuesday. In fact, they were unlike other players in recent Seattle history. How will the Seahawks react to what Lane had to say?

As much as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll lets the Seattle players be themselves, one thing is always a must with the head coach: The team comes first. This isn’t just with the coaching staff. Carroll requires it of every member of the team. Every Seahawk has their right to speak their mind about nearly every subject they want, but it should never be as a detriment to the organization.


Do these tweets read like a Seattle player? No. And Lane has been a player the Seahawks have well compensated to play basically nickel position. He signed the contract at the end of the 2015 season. He underperformed in 2016. This year he has been oft-injured and simply outplayed. Offseason acquisition Justin Coleman has played better.

According to Pro Football Focus, Lane has a grade of 44.8 among cornerbacks, 95th in the league. Coleman with more snaps has a grade of 78.0, 46th in the NFL. Shaquill Griffin, graded as the Seahawks best corner in 2017, is at 80.1. Richard Sherman is 78.6.

Lane’s worth

The point is, Lane isn’t just not playing, he is far behind the other corners on Seattle’s team and simply deserves fewer snaps. Even when he is healthy, which isn’t often.

Lane’s cap hit in 2017 is $5.2 million. He is not playing like a player who deserves this amount of money. In 2018, his cap hit would go to $7.2 million. The dead money for Lane would be $2.5 million. In other words, Lane is nearly sure to be gone this offseason.

The real issue is should the Seahawks simply let him go now. Remember Golden Tate and Percy Harvin? They emoted about the team and they were free to leave. Other Seahawks, like Sherman and Michael Bennett, are thankfully at the leisure to expound on whatever philosophies they have. But Sherman and Bennett do not outwardly voice discontent with playing time or the vision of the team. They basically have bought in to a winning formula.

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If Lane cares more about not starting then the Seahawks as a team, then he should leave immediately. Let’s hope his tweets simply were sent in a moment of unthinking discontent.