Seahawks remaining schedule may keep them from playoffs

GLENDALE, AZ - NOVEMBER 09: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
GLENDALE, AZ - NOVEMBER 09: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks are 6-3 and in second place in the NFC West. There are few easy games left for Seattle. There is a real chance the Seahawks might not make the playoffs this season.

The Seahawks are not playing near the level of their back-to-back Super Bowl teams of 2013 and 2014. Seattle cannot run the ball. Their defense still gives up too many explosive plays. And now Richard Sherman has been lost for the year with injury. Earl Thomas is dealing with more and more injuries. And Russell Wilson should not have to be the entire offense, which he has been.

Plus, Seattle lost a game they should have won to the Washington Redskins. Seattle simply doesn’t do that. In second place in their division and chasing the Los Angeles Rams, the Seahawks may miss the playoffs. The rest of the schedule certainly isn’t going to help make it easy for them.

Atlanta Falcons at home on Monday, November 20th

Thankfully for Seattle, the Falcons are not playing like they did in 2016. The offense has struggled and Matt Ryan has not been great. The problem for Seattle is that any team with a decent defense seems to be able to give them fits. Look at the Redskins game, for instance. Atlanta is 4-4 going into Sunday’s game with the Dallas Cowboys. If the Falcons can beat an Ezekiel Elliott-less Cowboys team, Atlanta will look to build on momentum against Seattle. And Julio Jones will not have to face Sherman.

Probability Seattle wins: 51 percent (only because the game is at home)

San Francisco 49ers away on Sunday, November 26th

The 49ers are 0-9. Still, Seattle barely beat them at home in week two. There is no way that San Francisco should win against Seattle. Even without Sherman or several other players, the Seahawks have far more talent. But again, Seattle barely won in September.

Probability Seattle wins: 80 percent

Philadelphia Eagles at home on Sunday, December 3rd

Well, the Eagles are currently play as well, if not better, than anyone else in the NFL. Philadelphia is second in points scored and 12th in points allowed. Plus, the Eagles have improved as the season has gone on because they added running back Jack Ajayi. Philadelphia is playing with a confidence that Seattle simply isn’t right now.

Probability Seattle wins: 30 percent

Jacksonville Jaguars away on Sunday, December 10th

First of all, I will be at this game and the Seahawks simply don’t win away games I attend. The last two seasons Seattle is 0-4 in such games. And probably 0-5 at the Jaguars game. Jacksonville’s defense is really good, allowing just 14.6 points per game. This is first in the NFL. If the Jaguars score 14 points against Seattle, they will win.

Probability Seattle wins: 25 percent

Los Angeles Rams at home on Sunday, December 17th

The Rams did not let a loss to the Seahawks earlier this year cause them to recede. In fact, the Rams are doing what Seattle used to do which is to beat the stuffings out of lesser teams. Seattle defeated the New York Giants. The Rams destroyed them. Los Angeles always gives Seattle fits anyway. Right now, the Rams are the better team.

Probability Seattle wins: 40 percent

Dallas Cowboys away on Sunday, December 24th

The Cowboys might be out of the playoff picture themselves by the time this game happens. The problem for Seattle, though, is that Dallas will be getting back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott will be returning from his suspension and will, of course, be extra motivated. The Cowboys defense is usually their issue, but the last three weeks Dallas has only given up an average of 15 points-per-game. I have a difficult time believing Seattle would lose four straight games, but if I am being honest about each of these last four individually I think Seattle is in trouble.

Probability Seattle wins: 45 percent

Arizona Cardinals at home on Sunday, December 31st

Finally a game the Seahawks should win. Seattle had some issues in the desert, but some of this can be blamed on their short week. Seattle has more talent than the Cardinals and will be playing at home.

Probability Seattle wins: 80 percent

This means I have the Seahawks going 3-4 the rest of the season. Seattle’s record would finish at 9-7. Most likely, this means they would miss the playoffs. I hope I am wrong.