Seahawks must do these three things to beat Cowboys

SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 25: Offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 25: Offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks playoffs hopes might be known by the time they play on Sunday. But thinking optimistically, Seattle could defeat the Cowboys and have a decent chance at the postseason. Here’s how they can beat Dallas.

Seahawks in the playoffs? Let’s be real: Probably not. If the Atlanta Falcons win at 10 am PT on Sunday, Seattle is done. Should the Falcons lose and the Detroit Lions lose and Seattle beats Dallas, then I am saying there’s a chance. But it’s slim.

But Seattle must beat Dallas. And here’s where their chances lie.

Stop the Cowboys from running the ball

So, I almost laughed when I wrote that subheading. The Seahawks? Stop a good team from running the ball? That hasn’t happened too much. The Tennessee Titans gashed Seattle. So did the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday. The Jacksonville Jaguars also ran over Seattle. Which makes the Philadelphia Eagles game all the more frustrating. Seattle stopped the Eagles. How though…how?

Dallas is not only really good at running the ball schematically, the Cowboys get Ezekiel Elliott back after a six week absence. Elliott will be extra motivated to perform well. And frankly, Dallas is in the same kind of position that Seattle is. They need a win to have a chance of making the playoffs.

Dallas is third in the NFL in yards-per-game rushing (136.6) and third in yards-per-carry (4.6). The Cowboys want to run. And Seattle hasn’t been able to contain this lately. The Seahawks are next-to-last in the NFL in rushing defense over the last three games. This does not bode well for Sunday.

Stay disciplined on the defensive line and have the linebackers be productive is a must for Seattle. Stop the Cowboys from running the ball and Seattle could easily win.

Stop the Cowboys on third down

Dallas is fifth in the NFL on third down conversion offensively at 43 percent. In losses to the Falcons, in particular, Seattle’s defense could never give the offense back the ball when it had the chance. Seattle must stop the Cowboys from eating up the clock and sustaining drives by picking up thirds.

If the Cowboys can do these things, Seattle will lose. And possibly get embarrassed again.

Run the ball

Seattle needs to run the ball. As great as Russell Wilson has been for the most part (not against the Rams this past Sunday, I admit), he shouldn’t have had to do as much as he has this season for Seattle to be successful. Seattle is 14 games into the season and still Wilson has been involved in every Seattle touchdown except one.

The Seahawks need to get a rushing touchdown on Sunday.

Poor Wilson. The quarterback has a bad game on Sunday versus the Rams and some fans want him traded. 12s, if you want Wilson to be traded, you are not a real 12. Wilson is the best quarterback in the franchises history. He brought you a Super Bowl and took you to another. And because he has a bad game, you want him to be traded?! What planet do you live on?

Seattle has a bad offensive line, even with Duane Brown. The Seahawks have no consistent running game. And yet, Wilson should be traded? No.

But Seattle does need someone else to score a rushing touchdown besides Wilson and the one by J.D. McKissic. Anyone. Even for just the threat that someone else could score. Mike Davis? Anyone.

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Just score a rushing touchdown so the focus isn’t entirely on Wilson. Please.