Seahawks will play in London next year and other Thursday notes

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 31: Running back Alex Collins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 31: Running back Alex Collins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks will play England in 2018. This will be their first trip to London. Plus, Alex Collins was surprised he was cut by Seattle. And some Darrell Bevell reaction in Thursday’s notes.

The Seahawks will be one of three teams to play for their first time in London in 2018. Seattle will play the Oakland Raiders on October 14th. This means both teams will travel about five light years away to play one game in the middle of the season just to come home and play some more.

What the NFL is really hoping to get out of so many games in a country where sports fans would rather be watching Wayne Rooney than Russell Wilson is anyone’s guess. But still, the league keeps trying.

Other first-timers in London will be the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles. These trips aren’t fun for players and is simply a money grab for the NFL, of course. But this is the league that also brings you Thursday Night Football, so go figure.

Alex Collins was confused

Collins told PFT Live that he was “shocked” when the Seahawks cut him in preseason. According to Collins

"(Being cut) was a lot to take in. Being cut, not knowing what was next, the next chapter in your life, so definitely there was a lot of confusion there and I was just discombobulated because I didn’t know what was next for me."

Bonus Scrabble points to Collins for using the d-word.

Still, Collins being cut worked out well for him. He is on a playoff team and rushed for 973 yards this year for the Baltimore Ravens. With the way Seattle’s offensive line is, Collins probably would have gotten injured in week four and missed the rest of the year had he stayed in Seattle.

Darrell Bevell was fired Wednesday, of course. Some reaction!

Our pals at Field Gulls gave their guess as to who might be the next offensive coordinator in Seattle.

ESPN says Bevell will never live down his not handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

The great Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times gives us five reasons the Seahawks walked away from Bevell and Tom Cable.

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And Deadspin chimes in with Bevell should regret a couple of decisions.