Seahawks 2017 season grades

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Over the course of the 2017 season, I sat down each week to grade the Seahawks on-field performance. If I were an actual teacher, I’d summarize the 2017 Seahawks as a bright student who excelled in some subjects but really struggled in others. A student that at times failed to stay focused and on task and ultimately underachieved because of it.

As the Super Bowl looms, 12s find themselves reminiscing of better days. I thought  it would be good to finally close the book on the roller coaster season.

Here are my final grades for the 2017 Seahawks.


Offensive Line: F

Nope. The offensive line was awful this season. There’s no way around it. A good amount of the failed rushing attack has to go on the line as should the constant pressure on pass plays. It wasn’t a good year for the big fellas. I think Pete Carroll and John Schneider made a statement in relieving Tom Cable and Darrell Bevell of their duties. To win in the NFL, you need to have a serviceable line and a solid running game. The Seahawks had neither in 2017.

Quarterback: B+

Russell Wilson had another solid year. Through November, Wilson was very much in the MVP conversation. A mediocre December and missing the playoffs did away with that talk, but this season was still impressive for RW. 34 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions is a fantastic stat line as a QB. Not to mention Wilson was as clutch as ever, tossing an NFL record19 touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Yes, Wilson had a phenomenal year and he’s the reason the Seahawks were able to stay competitive this season. However, there is still room for Wilson to improve his game. I’d like to see Wilson improves in two areas: I’d like him to be sharper early in games and I’d like to see him throw the ball away more. He is the best improv quarterback I’ve ever seen, but sometimes you need to throw it away rather than risk a 15 yard loss or taking a big hit.

It’s  minor, but Wilson still has room to improve. The crazy part? I think he will.

Running Backs: D-

This group might have been the most disappointing in 2017.  Eddie Lacy was a wasted roster spot, Thomas Rawls appears broken, CJ Prosise is actually broken, Chris Carson is what might-have-been and what could be, JD Mckissic is fantastic but not every-down back, and Mike Davis was the leading rusher but somehow didn’t get a chance until the entire backfield was on crutches.

The Seahawks will no doubt be focusing on the running back position this offseason. Expect to see new faces come in and compete with Carson and Davis. Lacy will not be back and I would be surprised if Rawls and Prosise end up on the final roster heading into week one of 2018.

Receivers/Tight Ends: B

The receivers were certainly a bright spot for the offense in 2017. Doug Baldwin once again proved to be one of the leagues best. His route running is as good as any player in the NFL, his hands are elite and his chemistry with Russell is invaluable.

Paul Richardson had a phenomenal year and showed what he is capable of when healthy. It might be difficult for the Seahawks to resign Richardson, but count me amongst those who would love to see him back.

Jimmy Graham had what most would see as a fantastic season. Graham was basically the Seahawks substitute for a running game in the red zone, scoring ten touchdowns on the season. Though Graham was nearly unstoppable in the red zone he wasn’t as much of a threat between the 20s. This is going to be another interesting decision for the Seahawks in the offseason. Graham is going to require significant compensation, and the Seahawks will need to decide if his red zone presence alone is worth the payday.