Super Bowl preview: The one Seahawks fans don’t want

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 06: Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 06: Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Super Bowl LII could be an amazing game. Or it could be a dud. But for Seahawks fans (and me!), it’s already subpar. Still, for those looking for an outsiders prediction of the game, here you go.

So, three years ago Thursday this crap happened to the Seahawks

Now the guy who called that play, Darrell Bevell – former Seahawks offensive coordinator, has been let go. Jermaine Kearse, the receiver who was supposed to set the legal pick, was the best receiver the New York Jets had in 2017. Ricardo Lockette, the “receiver” who was supposed to catch the ball, hasn’t played in over two years. This play call was and is still stupid.

And Seahawks fans will always dislike the Patriots for the way the game ended. Seattle was the better team. But New England won the game. And we 12s want New England to lose on Sunday.

Super Bowl LII

The Patriots

It is truly difficult to pick against Tom Brady, unless he is playing in the Big Game against Eli Manning. Manning is 2-0 versus Brady in Super Bowls. Last year, of course, Matt Ryan should have led the Atlanta Falcons to an easy win. The Falcons did lead 892-3 going into the fourth quarter after all.

Still, Brady has more Super Bowl appearances and wins than any other quarterback in NFL history. Is he the best quarterback ever? That is debatable. Joe Montana on the same Patriots teams has probably as many or more wins. So does Drew Brees. And probably Peyton Manning.

But that is all speculation. Brady is a proven winner. He has the belief that going into the fourth quarter, no matter the score, his team will win.

And Brady is most likely playing for the greatest coach in history, Bill Belichick. And Belichick is the real reason the Patriots will probably win on Sunday. Belichick not only prepares his team like no other coach, he also gets into the head of opposing coaches. Brady has been the quarterback that has won five Super Bowls. Belichick is the reason he has those five wins.

The Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles, though, are a very good team too. And they actually are near the same kind of teams that Eli had when the New York Giants beat the Patriots twice. The Eagles win because their defensive front seven is very good. They can get to the quarterback with just their front four.

But to me the single best reason the Eagles can win on Sunday is their offensive line. Why did Philadelphia defeat the excellent Minnesota Vikings defense? Because Nick Foles had time to throw and be comfortable.

If the Eagles line can do the same kind of thing versus the Patriots, the Eagles can score enough to win.

Pederson vs. Belichick

The biggest matchup, though, is the head coaches. We know what Belichick can do. But let’s not rule out Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s acumen. Because we could easily be seeing a changing of the guard, if you will, on Sunday. Pederson learned a bunch under Andy Reid, a great offensive mind himself. Reid beat Belichick in week one in 2017. You can bet Pederson knows how to beat New England too.

Now if only Foles can execute as well as he did against the Vikings, Seahawks fans, like most other NFL fans, will be happy. Still…

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Prediction: Patriots 24 Eagles 21