Super Bowl LII: Staff predictions for the big game

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 06: Brandon Graham (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 06: Brandon Graham (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images) /

Super Bowl LII takes place on Sunday inside US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The New England Patriots are trying to win their record-typing sixth Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles are attempting to win their first. Here’s who the 12th Man Rising staff thinks wins.

Todd Vandenberg

Super Bowl drinking game: Take a drink every time you hear “Tom Brady is the Greatest Of All Time.” Quick game, as you’ll die of alcohol poisoning about two hours before kickoff.

As for the game, I think the Eagles defensive line will put the GOAT on the turf a dozen times. If the game was on grass, I’d expect Brady’s pants to be as green as the Eagles’ by the end of the game. If this doesn’t happen, everyone outside of New England is going to be really ill. Again.

Prediction: Eagles 31 Patriots 27

Andrew Larkin

Honestly I’ve been joking all week about how the Patriots will probably be down 40 going into the fourth quarter only to come back and win. It just seems inevitable at this point and practically scripted. However, in the spirit of rooting against the Evil Empire, I’m going to go with the Eagles.

I think that Philadelphia’s defense can put up a fight against Brady and has a chance to rough him up and disrupt timing. I believe the running game will stabilize the Philly offense and the birds keep it close throughout. Then comes closing time. A couple of Nick Foles big-play daggers finishes it off. Here’s to hoping for the best.

Prediction: Eagles 27 Patriots 21

Steve McGrain

If Philadelphia can run the ball and give Brady minimal opportunities, they may have a shot at the end. Nonetheless, they are playing the greatest dynasty in football. It could come down to the final drive, as long as the Eagles defense can play up to their potential. Furthermore, whenever NE has a massive upper hand against an opponent in the Super Bowl, the underdog seems to have just enough magic to win. Will this trend continue? No.

Prediction: Patriots 24, Eagles 22

Lee Vowell

I think it’ll be a close game because the Patriots really only play close Super Bowls. If Carson Wentz were playing, I would probably pick the Eagles. I know Nick Foles had an amazing game against the Minnesota Vikings, but he has to prove he can do so again.

This game will probably go like most recent Super Bowls for New England, though. Meaning, they will be trailing late and win in the last five minutes.

And for all the talk about Tom Brady being the greatest ever, he really should be 3-4 in championship games. But he isn’t because the Patriots find a way to win late in games. And they will on Sunday too.

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Prediction: Patriots 24 Eagles 21