RPO will be even better for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks completed a major coaching overhaul this offseason. What can we expect to see out of our new signal caller, Brian Schottenheimer? Expect the Seahawks to take advantage of Russell Wilson’s skill set with the new and improved RPO.

This is the newest trend in the NFL, the Run Pass Option. The Eagles, Vikings and Texans really dove in heavily. This allows mobile quarterbacks to make quick reads and get the ball in the hands of their play-makers. It also utilizes the best of the college spread schemes.  So it takes some of the burden off of the passer. Pete Carroll made it clear he wants even more out of Russell Wilson. A quick quote from Bob Condotta’s piece for the Seattle Times:

"Pete Carroll feels Wilson may need both a sterner and more consistent voice to guide him through the tough times as well as a different set of eyes to help maximize his talents."

Enter our new offensive coordinator. Brian Schottenheimer crafted an offense in Indianapolis this season that used some RPO. He did this to offset the learning curve Jacoby Brissett was facing being a late traded quarterback that was forced to start immediately. I expect he’ll fine-tune the RPO for the Seahawks even more. If he could help Jacoby Brissett, wait till he gets Wilson.

Why the RPO will work even better for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is an ideal fit as an RPO quarterback. He is smart enough to make the appropriate pre-snap read. He has shown the ability to make good decisions in a zone read rushing scheme, and has a quick, accurate throwing arm. We all know when Russell scrambles, he does so with his head up so he can still make the throw.

Better keys to the right decision on handing off or keeping the ball should help improve our terrible ground game. It will also allow the lineman to fire out and block. This should be an immediate improvement for the offensive line.

Receivers running short routes with quick separation are key factors in the scheme. Add in their skills after the catch, and the improved RPO will allow Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett to be fully utilized.

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Fine-tuning the RPO will take full advantage of our players. The offense can focus even more on quick hitting plays. The surprise pass over the top will open the running lanes just a bit more as well. I expect an even better