Seahawks could target six potential free agent wide receivers

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Following up on the cap casualty series, here is a list of potential targets for the Seahawks. All are either already cut or likely to be cut by their current teams.  If we lose Paul Richardson, one of these guys might fill that void.

Michael Crabtree – 6’1 –  215 –  Age 30 –  Raiders

Wouldn’t this be fun! Would the Seahawks really bring Michael Crabtree in to play on the same team as Richard Sherman? Crabtree is likely be cut this season as the Raiders try to figure out how to clear some cap space. He is still a solid possession receiver, but would he play in Seattle?

What’s to like

Crabtree brings a big body and some big game experience. He has been fairly productive his entire career as a possession receiver. You know what you are going to get when you bring this guy in.

What’s not to like

That whole Sherman thing seems to be something you would want to address. Crabtree also seems to have problems with other players throughout the league. Just ask Aqib Talib. Is Crabtree good or bad for a locker room?  He is 30 years old and never had a lot of speed to begin with. Can he get separation? Seattle is likely looking at a receiver to replace Paul Richardson, the Seahawks primary deep threat. Crabtree would not be a deep threat.

(Crabtree has not been released.)

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Jeremy Maclin –  6’0 198 – Age 29 – Ravens

At one time in his career, Jeremy Maclin would have been a home run get. He wasn’t exceptionally fast but he made big plays and put up big numbers. Those seem to be a thing of the past for Maclin. But in the right role, can he still be effective?

What’s to like

As mentioned, he was a star at one point in his career. He doesn’t seem to have lost any quickness so there is a possibility he could still be that player in the right offense. Maclin is potentially a deep threat, but more of a run after the catch threat.

What’s not to like

Why has he fallen off so much in the past few years?  He isn’t overly big and he is getting older.  With Maclin, you never know what you are going to get. While Maclin does consistently catch the ball, he lacks the size to fight off defenders for tough catches.

(Maclin has not been released.)