Seahawks offensive line draft prospects: Combine Report

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Offensive Tackles

Tyrell Crosby – 6’5″ – 325 lbs. – 35 1/4″ Arm Length – Oregon

Thick legs, not overly smooth as an athlete but seemed to do just fine in every drill.  He bends his knees well, but gets over his toes a bit too much.  Bails on his kick slide too quickly which can cause balance issues.  Feet were a little heavy and looked plodding, but looked technically sound with no extra movement.  Very long arms and strong upper body.  Drive blocking definitely appeared to be his strength.  Crosby looks like a capable starter at right tackle or a nice swing tackle.

Alex Cappa – 6’6″ 305 lbs. – 32 5/8″ Arm Length – Humboldt State

Cappa looks very stiff, but combine video showed he uses great leverage.  Mike Mayock of NFL Network said this guy feels like a bouncer always looking to throw people out of the club.  However his feet will need some work. He was a little behind mirroring and lost balance when he got tired.  There are some skills there to work with, but I don’t think he is a Seahawks prospect.

Geron Christian – 6’5″ – 298 lbs. – 35″ Arm Length – Louisville

Christian is a little under the radar.  He looks very smooth.  Showing easy fluid movement, but lacks upper body strength at this point.  He looked under-powered in the drive blocking drills.  There was a lot to like with Christian, but I don’t see him playing early.  He is a project tackle with high upside.

Jamarco Jones – 6’4″ – 299 lbs. – 35 1/4″ Arm Length – Ohio State

Definitely looks like a right tackle prospect.  Jones was a little thick and lacked the athleticism of the other players but showed capable movement for the right side.  He has tight hips which caused him to get off-balance on the pull drives.  Jamarco also got very high when he got tired.  His base is thick enough and he was very good drive blocking.  There is some talent to work with here, but he looked like a right side only guy to me.

Mike McGlinchey – 6’8 – 309 lbs. – 34″ Arm Length – Notre Dame

McGlinchey feels like that player that was so smooth and expected to do well that he loses steam come the combine for no real reason.  McGlinchey isn’t the greatest athlete, but he appears to be very functional.  The former Notre Dame standout is technically sound.  He shows great leverage, and hands are always in position.  He has some of the best hands in college football.  His feet stayed balanced.  McGlinchey felt like the best technician in the offensive line group.

Kolton Miller – 6’9″ – 309 lbs. – 34 1/8″ Arm Length – UCLA

Miller is a very good athlete, but he feels a little too tall.  He ends up leaning and reaching regularly in drills. The UCLA product kept his feet apart in all drills, and showed flawless easy movement in all drills.  He needs a lot of refinement as a technician.  His hands were down and feet got a little close together, which is  generally the case for under-powered players.  This is a very large lump of clay.  There is a lot to work with and reminds me of Nate Solder, only less polished right now.

Chukwuma Okorafor – 6’6″ – 320 lbs. – 34 1/2″ Arm Length – Western Michigan

Definitely looks the part.  His feet were not bad maybe a little heavy.  The Western Michigan players feet stopped driving on contact and  his heels came together when mirroring. He showed a nice kick slide and stayed very square, however.  He is barrel chested and should be a good drive blocker right away.  However, he didn’t show it during the drive blocking drill.  You can see why scouts are so interested in him, but I think he has a long way to go before he is a finished product.

Brian O’Neill – 6’7″ – 297 lbs. – 34 1/8″ Arm Length – Pitt

Brian O’Neill is a former tight end who definitely looks like a tight end.  He had unparalleled movement skills compared to every other tackle prospect at the combine.  O’Neill has a narrow body type, however.  The Pitt offensive tackle definitely lacks power,  and needs to get bigger.  This guy feels a lot like Ethan Pocic to me.  Tons to work with, but needs to develop a better base and core play strength to maximize his potential.