Quarterback draft prospects for the Seahawks: Combine Report

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 30: Lamar Jackson (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 30: Lamar Jackson (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Potential Seahawks quarterback targets, post combine.

I know the Seahawks seem pretty set at quarterback, but what happens if, heaven forbid, Russell Wilson goes down with a major injury?  Are you ready to put the ball in Austin Davis’s hands or pass the baton to Trevone Boykin?  I am not opposed to it, but I am certainly on the lookout for an upgrade.

We will not focus on Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield.  None are expected to be around when the Seahawks pick, and quite frankly we don’t need a first-rounder with Wilson in town.

The Seahawks place emphasis on system fit, attitude and track record more than any physical attribute at quarterback.  The combine is more about interviews for quarterbacks, but we can watch their movement skills and see who has a similar skill set to Wilson and Boykin.  We will focus on players that fit the Seahawks mold.  For full combine results see NFL Combine Results Tracker.

Quinton Flowers – 5’10” – 214 lbs. – University of South Floria

The ball jumps off his hand showing effortless velocity. Big arm. Not overly accurate. This guy is built like a running back, hence he is thick and stalky. You can see his suddenness in movement drills. I like him, but I really didn’t see the accuracy needed to end up at quarterback. He definitely looks like former USF Bull BJ Daniels.

Lamar Jackson – 6’2″ – 216 lbs. – Louisville

Jackson shows a long delivery. Throwing motion looks like a whip. He has plenty of arm strength, but threw some ducks. Puts the ball behind several of the receivers, but that is expected at the combine. His feet and eyes paired up fairly well. Still definitely needs work with feet and dropping from center.

Jackson intrigues me. He has the ability that you could develop him into a good quarterback, but you also have the fallback option of making him a wide receiver. Watching him throughout the day, you can see he is an athlete. He is electric in his movement, sudden. I envision this guy with a role in Seattle like BJ Daniels had…only better at quarterback and receiver. His skills are unique, and I would want him on my football team.  I would find as many creative ways that I could to get him on the field.

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Logan Woodside – 6’1″ – 213 lbs. – Toledo

He has decent back pedal.  Looked highly accurate, as a result every throw ended up where it was supposed to be. Woodside didn’t show a huge arm, the ball floated a bit.  He had better feet than expected coming out of the offense they ran at Toledo.  Really looked like a decent athlete.  Throws with anticipation to make up for less arm strength, because of this his deep ball placed perfectly over the outside shoulder of the receivers on all deep routes.