Seahawks 2018 schedule: Too early predictions for each game

SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Quarterback Russell Wilson (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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With the NFL’s Thursday announcement of when the Seattle Seahawks will play their 2018 schedule, it makes sense to predict each game now. Right? Before the draft and everything? Sure. Why not?

What can 12s expect from the Seahawks season in 2018? No one really knows. The draft has not happened and there will probably be roster moves to come. Will Earl Thomas still be on the team week one? That is just one question.

But what one can safely assume is that NFC West rivals the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams appear to be better. And the Arizona Cardinals are not yet awful. And these three teams make up over a third of Seattle’s schedule. Winning a majority of these games is a must if Seattle wants to make the playoffs this year.

Plus, Seattle will start with two road games. For a team just finding its new way, this isn’t so great. The Seahawks normally finish strong, though, and Seattle will be at home more at the end. What does this mean? I have no idea.

That said, here are my best guesses for how the season will go. Of course, this is pre-draft and all, so come January of 2019, feel free to mock me. (Which plenty of you surely already do.)

Week one against the Denver Broncos

When and where: September 9th at 1:25 pm on FOX in Denver, Colorado

The short take: The Broncos will be starting a new quarterback in Case Keenum. The Seahawks will be starting a whole bunch of new people of defense. Is this a winnable game for Seattle? Yes. But playing on the road is difficult always. And the Broncos win nearly 80% of their home games in September since 1979. Not a great recipe for a Seattle win.

Prediction: Broncos will beat Seahawks 23-17

Week two against the Chicago Bears

When and where: September 17th on Monday Night Football at 5:15 pm on ESPN in Chicago, Illinois

The short take: The Bears should be better. But good enough to host a week two game on Monday Night Football? Hmmm…That leads to some head scratching. And Seattle having lost in week one will need to win this game. Starting 0-2 for a “retooling” Seahawks team might mean the season is done.

Prediction: Seahawks will defeat Bears 26-21

Week three against the Dallas Cowboys

When and where: Hooray! The Seahawks get their first home game of 2018 on September 23rd at 1:25 pm on FOX

The short take: Seattle beat Dallas at the end of 2017. How? Who knows really? Seattle was kind of falling apart at the time and still managed to win. Including this awesome moment…

But just like week two, Seattle must find a way to win their first home game. And the Seahawks have won their last nine home openers, so there’s that.

Prediction: Seahawks defeat the Cowboys 20-17