Seahawks sign Brandon Marshall: And there was much rejoicing?


The Seahawks signed wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Tuesday. Is this a good move for Seattle? Or wasted money?

The Seahawks needed a big receiver. Let’s not us 12s kid ourselves. Sure, Seattle had Tyler McEvoy and some tight ends. But none really had provable talent. Brandon Marshall has proved he has talent.

But Marshall is also 34 or 87 years old. He hasn’t been good in a long while, NFL-years speaking. You guys and gals remember 2015, yeah? No. No, you don’t. But since then Marshall has not done a whole lot. 946 yards receiving combined in two seasons, in fact.

Sure, Marshall was injured for most of 2017. He only played five games. But let’s be honest. In those five games, and in his one year with the New York Giants, Marshall averaged a bit over 30 yards per game receiving. And no touchdowns.

Thankfully, Marshall is only going to make at most about $2 million in 2018. He might be great. But he might not. And there’s really where one has to review the signing. Is Marshall going to be really good and a game changer with the Seahawks? Probably not. But can he be decent enough to score a few touchdowns and be a red zone target for Russell Wilson? Sure.

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And Seattle really needed a red zone target. Gone is Jimmy Graham. Marshall is a wide receiver and not a tight end, but he still presents the same issues for defensive backs height-wise. Seattle did not have that. But in a limited role, after Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, Marshall could help.