Seahawks jerseys: Who wore numbers 11-20 the best?

3 Sep 2000: Brock Huard #11 of the Seattle Seahawks moves with the ball as Tim Bowens #95 tries to tackle him during the game against the Miami Dolphins at the Pro Players Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Seahawks 23-0.Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport
3 Sep 2000: Brock Huard #11 of the Seattle Seahawks moves with the ball as Tim Bowens #95 tries to tackle him during the game against the Miami Dolphins at the Pro Players Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Seahawks 23-0.Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport /

The Seahawks have had memorable players in their history. But who is the greatest by the jersey they wore? Here’s my best guess at numbers 11 through 20.

The Seahawks have had a bunch of very good to great players. The franchise has produced four Hall of Famers and there are probably more to come. For instance, Earl Thomas. But not every jersey number has been worn by a great player.

As I said in part one of this list, feel free to complain about my thoughts. I can take it. And jerseys 11-20 do not represent the best of Seattle football; That I can promise you. But I am ok with argument. I want the passion of the 12s to give me feedback. Because I am a 12th man myself. So here is who I think wore numbers 11-20 in Seattle history the best.

Jerseys 11-20

Number 11: Brock Huard

Why?: Let me be clear here, I could have gone with Percy Harvin. Was he a clubhouse cancer and constantly hurt while he was a member of the Seahawks? Yes. But he scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

The player I went with, though, is a person I have met on several occasions and I can attest to his care about the Seattle area and his personal character. Brock Huard was not the greatest quarterback in Seattle history. He started four games and lost them all. But he wasn’t awful.

And he still has excellent thoughts on Seattle football every day on 710 ESPN Seattle. And if you asked me if he is at all fake about his personal beliefs? I will tell you sincerely, he is one of the nicest and most humble people I have ever met who have played professional football.

Current Seahawk: Sebastian Janikowski, kicker

Number 12: The fans

Why?: Seattle retired the number 12 on December 15, 1984 as a tribute to the fans. Only one player in Seahawks history wore the number, quarterback Sam Adkins. 12s are the best fans in the NFL, of course, so this number is for you.

Current Seahawk: The fans

Number 13: Chris Matthews

Why?: Matthews did not have a long career. In fact, as a Seahawk he played in only 12 games. But two of those games were huge. Matthews recovered an onside kick in the NFC Championship game in 2015 to help Seattle get back to the Super Bowl. And then had big catch after catch in the Super Bowl itself. Crazy stuff.

Current Seahawk: Cyril Grayson Jr., wide receiver

Number 14: Rick Tuten

Why?: Tuten was a punter. No offense to him but if the best player to ever wear a certain number in team history is a punter, that number probably has not produced a lot of productive players.

.Tuten did punt 108 times for the Seahawks in 1992 (far too many times) and made a Pro Bowl in 1994, though.

Current Seahawk: Marcus Johnson, wide receiver

Number 15: Jermaine Kearse

Why?: Kearse was never a great player with Seattle, but he did have some of the most memorable catches in recent history. He also was a receiver that Russell Wilson trusted and that says a lot.

Current Seahawk: Brandon Marshall, wide receiver

Number 16: Tyler Lockett

Why?: Lockett could still be more productive, but if he stays healthy he has the ability to be with the Seahawks for several years. He is a fantastic return man and is improving as a receiver.  I also expect Lockett to get an extension before next year for three or four more years.

Current Seahawk: Lockett

Number 17: Dave Krieg

Why?: When Krieg left Seattle in 1991, he held the franchise record for most passing yards (26,132). He is still second, though he may get passed this season by Wilson. Krieg still holds the record for number of touchdown passes in Seattle history at 195. (Again, he will soon get passed by Wilson here too.) Krieg made three Pro Bowls and led Seattle to the playoffs in four different seasons.

Current Seahawk: Damore’ea Stringfellow, wide receiver

Number 18: Sidney Rice

Why?: Rice had one fully healthy season in Seattle and caught 50 passes that year (2012). He was always just short of being a really good receiver. But he is still better than anyone else who ever wore number 18.  In fact, if new Seahawk Jaron Brown puts together two solid years, he could take over this spot from Rice.

Current Seahawk: Brown

Number 19: No good answer

Why?: There is no player that has distinguished themselves enough in franchise history to be considered a decent answer here. Tanner McEvoy is probably the most productive player to have worn this number, but it’s Tanner McEvoy and he has 14 career receptions in two seasons.

Current Seahawk: McEvoy

Number 20: Maurice Morris

Why?: Morris rounds out a pretty pathetic numbers 11 through 20 group. I am sure all the people on the list are decent human beings, but save for a couple, Kreig and Lockett, none of them really have ever done much in the NFL. Morris had a couple of 600-plus rushing seasons in Seattle.

Still, he is better than Jeremy Lane who once he got an opportunity to start with the Seahawks failed.

Current Seahawk: And here is the possible savior of this number. Rashaad Penny was drafted this year by the Seahawks and is expected to do great things. If he rushes for 1,000 yards in his rookie year, he will be the best number 20 in Seattle history.

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Numbers 11-20 for the Seahawks is not a great group of players. Strangely, many teams have had quarterbacks who are number 12 or 16. But Seattle’s best quarterbacks are mostly single digit uniforms. Thankfully, numbers 21-30 get much better.