Seahawks Mr. Consistent K.J. Wright deserves extension now

If 12s thought 2018 had lots of changing parts for the Seahawks, just wait until 2019. And K.J. Wright could be one player who leaves.

The Seahawks look like a much different team in 2018 than they have in previous years. Some of the missing players are Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor. But next offseason could see even more change.

Several Seattle players are heading into the final year of their contracts. Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett to name two. And of course there is some guy named Earl Thomas too. But one player that Seattle needs to sign to an extension this year is K.J. Wright.

Signing Wright to an extension might upset Thomas. But Wright will also be a less expensive than the free safety. Wright might cost Seattle $10 million a season after 2018. Thomas would probably want at least $14 million per.

Sure, they play different positions and the money expected would be different, but Thomas might see Seattle signing Wright to an early extension as a slap in the face. But then that’s an important aspect, isn’t it?

Wright is not holding out and is clearly a team-first guy. He does everything Seattle asks of him and does it well. Cover tight ends? Yes. Play with a little less flash so that fellow linebacker Bobby Wagner has room to run and make tackles all over the field? Check.

And Wright is the epitome of consistency. In the last four seasons, he has missed one game. In 2015, Wright had 71 solo tackles. 2016, 70. And in 2017, 71. He also is just 29 years-old and plays a position that one can play well into their 30s.

Wagner is signed through 2019. The Seahawks signing Wagner to another extension is a foregone conclusion. For as long as possible, Wagner and Wright should be paired together. Another three or four seasons together should be a welcome thing.

Pro Football Focus had Wright ranked as the 18th best linebacker in the NFL in 2017. They also had him graded as having his worst seasons in three years. This could mean Wright is even better in 2018 and beyond. In other words, a linebacker worth keeping in Seattle for several seasons yet.