Seahawks Kam Chancellor remains a part of team and that’s very good

Kam Chancellor may not be on the field in 2018, but he is still a leader with the Seahawks. And he is already doing more than Earl Thomas.

The Seahawks will miss Kam Chancellor. The team will miss the safety on the field as he intimidated opposing receivers and set the tone for the Legion of Boom. Chancellor‘s last game may have been his best and that was without Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Seattle doesn’t beat the Arizona Cardinals in week 10 without Chancellor.

And Monday Chancellor showed Thomas what real leadership can be like. Thomas is holding out for an extension but still has a year left on his current contract. Chancellor can no longer play due to an injury and yet still shows up to practice.

Sure, he is getting paid by the Seahawks even though he is injured. Chancellor, though, doesn’t have to come to camp. But Thomas, if he were to show up to training camp, is also getting paid. He is just choosing not to even though he is physically capable of doing so.

Thomas wants security for the future. That is understandable. But he signed a contract a few years ago to pay him through 2018 and he should honor what he signed.

Chancellor‘s reaction from the Seahawks fans who came to watch camp says a lot.

Then Chancellor spent 30 minutes signing autographs. Chancellor doesn’t have to be at camp. He could take the money Seattle is paying him and do whatever else he wants to. But his coming to camp shows young Seattle players that at least one talented veteran likes to be around the coaching staff and fans of Seattle football.

Hopefully players like Shaquill Griffin and Chris Carson will find the Chancellor role model of choosing to be a part of a team more inspiring than Earl Thomas choosing not to be.