Seahawks: Predicting 5 players who will make the Pro Bowl

SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Defensive end Frank Clark of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Defensive end Frank Clark of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks may not have as much talent in 2018 as in recent seasons but here are five players who will make the Pro Bowl for Seattle.

These aren’t your mother’s Seahawks. Or even yours. (Unless you happen to be less than nine month’s old. In which case, if you are and are still reading this, I applaud you for your ability to read so early in life.)

But Seattle simply has less proven talent on the newly announced roster than they have in five years or more. Note the important part of that last sentence is the word “proven.” Seattle still has talent. In fact, they have at least the following five players who will be voted into the Pro Bowl at the end of the 2018 season.

Russell Wilson, quarterback

In four of Wilson‘s six years in the NFL he has been voted into the Pro Bowl. So, I am clearly not going crazy by thinking Wilson will make the Pro Bowl again in 2018. The key this year could be – should be? – that Wilson throws fewer passes. Will a less quantity filled 2018 Wilson yield enough quality for him to standout among his peers?

Sure, it will. Because this is Russell Wilson and he is a special player.

Bobby Wagner, linebacker

See how many chances I am taking on this list? Wagner to the Pro Bowl? Crazy!

But not really. The linebacker – the best linebacker in football – has made the Pro Bowl four straight seasons. Wagner is also the Seahawks best player, while Wilson is the team’s most important.

In 2018, Wagner will transition to also being the leader of the defense after the Seahawks lost Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor in the offseason.

Michael Dickson, punter

Dickson is ridiculously talented. If he continues to punt in the regular season as he did in preseason, he should be First-Team All Pro. And not just in 2018. But for years beyond.

It will be fun, even though Seattle may be punting when Dickson has to be on the field, the rookie punter kick in the air of Denver in week one. Maybe he will kick one that never actually comes down?

Doug Baldwin, receiver

If Baldwin played in New England or Pittsburgh he would easily exceed 100 catches every year. But Baldwin is still a top-ten receiver because he catches everything thrown his way. He is a smart route runner and knows how to use his quickness to get open.

And to think he went undrafted out of college. And he’s made two straight Pro Bowls.

Frank Clark, defensive end

Clark has 22 sacks in three years. For the Seahawks to be a playoff team in 2018, Clark will need to get 12 sacks or more. He has the ability. Of course, he will draw more attention this year than in previous seasons with no Michael Bennett or Cliff Avril.

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But Clark should be able to use his immense physical gifts, especially his speed, to be one of the best ends in football. Plus, he wants to earn his contract extension. He will be fun to watch in 2018.