Seahawks move up in power rankings after Sunday’s win

Bad news: The Seahawks are still not good, according to several NFL power rankings. Good news: Seattle is getting better.

The Seahawks are a bottom-third team, according to most NFL power rankings. Even with Sunday’s win over the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle doesn’t look much better. But at least one ranking moved them up quite a bit.

In’s ranking, Seattle move from 29th (ouch!) to 23rd. In all honesty, 12s – and everyone else for that matter – knows the Seahawks were never the fourth-worst team in football. That is just plain crazy. But according to the reason why Seattle moved up in their rankings, said, “…the Seattle defense played like the 2012 version of itself.”

And Seattle did. Sure, Ezekiel Elliott got 127 yards rushing. But Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott threw for just 137 net yards as he was sacked five times. That is good pass defense.

Seattle moved up three spaces in ESPN’s latest rankings. But then ESPN spent the whole synopsis talking about how Rashaad Penny hasn’t played well. Did ESPN notice Chris Carson was pretty great on Sunday? I guess not. thinks the Seahawks are just as good – or bad – as they were prior to their win over Dallas. Seattle is the 21st best team in football right now, says Sports Illustrated. SI doesn’t really give a reason for ranking the teams the way it does, the site just puts out a list.

The great news for the Seahawks game on Sunday (if you put much stock in these rankings, that is) is that everyone thinks the Arizona Cardinals are terrible. All three of the sites above have the Cardinals as the worst team in football currently. Hopefully they will still think the same way after Sunday.